The Most Vicious 'Jersey Shore' Star Clapbacks

This intense moment at the club gets so heated, JWoww tells Mike The Situation: "Bring me home, or I'm gonna go to jail."

Let's be real: "Jersey Shore" isn't "Jersey Shore" until Jenni Farley goes full "JWoww" on Angelina Pivarnick.

She warned her once -- "You can stay and get your ass beat!" -- and on Thursday's "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," Angelina chose to stay and suffer the consequences.

The tension between Jenni and Angelina has been palpable since last week when the latter crashed yet another family vacation, thanks to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who secretly invited her. Not only was Jenni not over the fact that Angelina called her a "Jersey Whore" on social media, but she was also pissed Angelina "came in hot" from the airpot, refused to say hello to her upon arriving, slapped Vinny Guadagnino in the face, and asked Jenni numerous times to make her a drink.

Jenni was furious but did her best to steer clear of Angelina, who she said was "like a pet you don't really want." When the group went down to the pool, Jenni refused to clink glasses with Angelina during a toast to avoid any type of confrontation, but that only aggravated the situation.

"Why would she all of a sudden say cheers to me?" Jenni said to Nicole. "I'm just trying to f--king enjoy my last couple of days. I'm a mom now. If I'm gonna be getting bullied and dumb shit, I'm out."

Nicole tried to smooth things over, but Jenni was not budging. Elsewhere, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino also did his best to advise Angelina to "proceed with caution" when it came to her relationship with Jenni (he should know -- she punched him once), but Angelina continued to do the exact opposite.

Fast-forward to later that night when the group was heading to dinner. In the cab ride on the way there, Nicole tried to get Angelina to apologize to Jenni for calling her a whore.

Angelina's defense: "Well, you were acting like a f--king whore." When Nicole reprimanded her for saying it again, Angelina said, "Not a whore like that, you ass! Like a freaking bitch. You were acting like a bitch!" Jenni then tried to explain to Angelina that there was a difference between a "whore" and a "bitch," but it seemingly fell on deaf ears.

At dinner, Angelina tried desperately to get Nicole to show her her boobs because they both went to the same doctor. She repeatedly chanted, "Show me your tits!" leaving Jenni mortified. Angelina also told Jenni she wanted to touch her boobs, which didn't go over well at all. Jenni eventually got up from the table to sit with another, less embarrassing group of people.

Later that night at Drai's nightclub, all hell broke loose after Nicole playfully put ice down Angelina's shirt. Angelina decided it would be funny to pay it forward and do it to Jenni, but her plan backfired -- big time.

Jenni thought Angelina was trying to pull down her shirt following the whole boob convo at dinner and instantly sprung up from the VIP booth, shouting, "Don't touch me! You're out of your damn mind! What is wrong with you? Stop. Stop, or I will f--k you up!" Angelina proceeded to chase her around the VIP section they were in until Jenni put her in a choke hold.

"I don't know what Angelina's thinking messing with Jenni," Ronnie Ortiz-Magro said. "Roger don't even do that yet, and he's been married to her for eight years!"

Angelina eventually squirmed her way out of Jenni's grip and slapped her in the face with the back of her hand. Jenni -- beyond flustered -- turned to Mike and said, "Bring me home, or I'm gonna go to jail."

Jenni was so pissed off about the whole situation that she told the group at dinner the next night she would be heading home early.

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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