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Gaga takes a grilling in new viral video.

Lady Gaga is Vogue's latest "73 Questions" victim, as the singer fires off answers to a wide range of Qs for the publication.

Telling the man behind the camera to call her "Lady," the magazine's October cover star shows off the patio of her Los Angeles home as responses to his many, many questions roll off her tongue.

Does she really watch horror movies to relax? "True." Her greatest inspiration? "People." Her most nostalgic memory? "Going to bars with my friends."

When it came to some of her endless press coverage, Gaga was asked to name one thing she's read about herself that made her laugh. "That I'm from Yonkers, and not Manhattan," she replied. As for the strangest rumor she's heard, "That I have a penis."

It's not all fake news though. Asked to reveal one thing she's read that is "100% correct," she said, "That I love authentic people."

Gaga, who will appear opposite Bradley Cooper in another "A Star Is Born" remake coming out in October, also shared some kind words about her co-star/director. Calling him "an incredible actor," she added he's also an "incredible director" and "absolutely incredible friend all the way around."

Other tidbits gleaned from the video: She refuses to disclose her hidden talent and hates being asked to, she unwinds by listening to jazz and hopes she's remembered for the message behind her hit single, "Born This Way."

"I would like to be remembered for believing people are equal," she said. "I would like to be remembered for being courageous and different."

We have a feeling that won't be a problem.

"A Star Is Born" hits theaters October 5, 2018. Her issue of Vogue hits newsstands nationwide September 25.

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