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"It was so depressing," Blanchett said of the restroom situation. "There's no windows, it's gray."

Cate Blanchett thinks Jimmy Kimmel's bathrooms are a special form of torture.

The two-time Oscar winner stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Thursday night and couldn't help but rib him about his restroom situation -- bluntly pointing out that she noticed his facilities had undergone a renovation.

"It's funny because last time you were here, you were criticizing our bathrooms," Kimmel said.

"No! [It was] with love and kindness," the Aussie explained. "I just wanted to know if it was a deliberate decision. It was a little bit like a Turkish prison."

"It was so depressing," Blanchett continued. "There's no windows, it's gray. It's like 'what have I done?' It's like waking up in room 101 and you're waiting for the rat to be put on the end of your face."

Kimmel explained that you can't have windows in a bathroom in Hollywood, because you don't want the guests to escape or the "superheroes" on the street to be able to get in. The late-night host asked Blanchett what she thought of the bathrooms now that they have been upgraded.

"It's kind of now Turkish prison-cum-sort of New York apartment," she said. "It's really lovely. The marble is beautiful."

"That's not marble. I'm sure," Kimmel said. "Whatever they have at Ikea is probably what it is...We try to keep the budget tight around here."

"I know, I can see," Blanchett joked, as the audience erupted into laughter. "But not on the suits, that's clearly very expensive."

"Well, the suit sure, yeah we got that at Marshalls," Kimmel joked.

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