'The View' Questions Julie Chen's Return to 'The Talk' Amid Les Moonves Sexual Misconduct Allegations
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The women discuss Chen using "Moonves" as her last name on "Big Brother" and what she should do next.

"The View" had another morning talk show in mind on Friday morning, as they discussed Julie Chen and her potential return to "The Talk" as her husband is being investigated for sexual misconduct.

The conversation was at the top of the show, after Whoopi Goldberg brought up Chen signing off from Thursday's "Big Brother" by calling herself "Julie Chen Moonves." It was the first time she's ever used her husband's name on the show.

"Is it a message?" asked Whoopi. "Is she saying look, I'm standing by my husband?"

"Absolutely, I think it's really clear, she's been the host of that show since 2000. We're talking 18 years and she's never signed off on 'The Talk' or 'Big Brother' using Moonves as her last name," replied Sunny Hostin. "I think it was a message saying, 'I believe in my husband,' much like the message that she put out on Twitter. I think she's letting us know she's still there."

While Abby Huntsman said she never wants to judge how another woman lives her life, because "you don't know what's going on behind closed doors," she hoped for a little more from Chen going forward.

"What I would love for her to do is to use that as an opportunity to be transparent, to be real, to talk to people about what maybe she's been thorough and it hasn't been easy for her, why she's standing by him," she explained.

That's when the convo shifted to Chen's return to her hosting duties on "The Talk." She's been MIA since the season premiered on Monday, following her husband's resignation over the weekend. Her co-hosts have all also spoken at length about the allegations against Moonves, with Sharon Osbourne saying "obviously, the man has a problem."

"I think it's going to be hard for her to go back to 'The Talk,'" said Joy Behar. "What topics can they do? They can't talk about the #MeToo movement without her coming clean about her husband." She said it'd even be hard to talk about shows like "Real Housewives" or anything relationship related.

"If someone says your husband has a problem, how do you then go back and sit next to that person who made this judgment call about your spouse?" asked Hostin.

Behar then compared Chen to Hillary Clinton standing by Bill after his scandal involving Monica Lewinsky. "People attacked her for that, they would have attacked her if she left," she added, "it's a no-win situation for the wives."

As for "The Talk," they didn't address the latest updates on Friday's show, which appeared to have been pre-taped earlier this week.