Twitter Slams Julie Chen's Support of Husband Les Moonves During 'Big Brother' Sign-off
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"Big Brother" viewers were blindsided by Chen's support of her disgraced husband Les Moonves.

"Big Brother" fans are irate after Julie Chen's unusual send-off on Thursday night's episode.

Viewers were thrown when Chen closed the show by using her full-married name, Julie Chen Moonves, clearly showing support for her husband Les Moonves, who has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

This was the first time Chen used her full married name in the history of the show -- she's been playing host to "Big Brother" for 18 years.

"From outside the 'Big Brother' house...I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight," the CBS star said.

Fans took to Twitter to react to the loaded sign-off, writing that Chen had "snapped" and that they were completely "blindsided."

"Julie girl, you are officially canceled," a user said.

"That was so messy and insulting to his victims, go and stay gone Julie," another wrote.

"Just so you know, my stomach dropped faster than the Tower of Terror when Julie said 'I'm Julie Chen Moonves, good night,' said one tweet. "And I'm sure that clip will be played ad nauseam and I can only imagine how his victims will feel to see that. How disgusting and how sad."

Although short, Chen's sign off indicated she is standing by her husband, despite the many allegations against him. Moonves has been a CBS boss since 1995. He stepped down as CEO last week. However, he continues to deny all claims of harassment and abuse.

The fallout began when journalist Ronan Farrow wrote an article in The New Yorker back in July 2018. In the story, six women claimed that Moonves had either harassed, intimidated, or abused them while at CBS. The network subsequently investigated the executive. Then, earlier this month, six more women came out to accuse Moonves.

Chen, who has been married to Moonves for over a decade, is also a host on CBS' "The Talk," and has been absent from the show since Moonves' resignation.

Read the savage tweets below. Be warned: people were not happy.

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