Sarah Silverman Slams Alt-Right's 'Disingenuous Outrage' Calling James Gunn and Her Pedophiles
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The comedian says the attacks are a "performance of disingenuous outrage" because alt-right leader Mike Cernovich "regularly uses gay slurs and ... published an essay called 'How to Choke a Woman.'"

Sarah Silverman lashed out at "pizzagate" instigator Mike Cernovich and the alt-right trolls that got James Gunn fired from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" for what she described as a "performance of disingenuous outrage."

Using decade-old tweets in which Gunn made bad jokes about pedophilia and rape, Cernovich and his followers presented these as proof that Gunn truly thinks this way and mounted a social media campaign so loud that Disney responded by firing Gunn. This led to a counter-outrage from much of the public and the "GotG" cast, but thus far, Disney has stood their ground.

"What this is is a performance of disingenous outrage. These tweets were purposefully weaponized to get the Internet to raise their digital tiki torches and run a liberal out of town," Silverman, who was similarly targeted, said.

"This kind of organized takedown is, well to be honest, straight out of the liberal handbook," Silverman admitted on the latest episode of her Hulu series "I Love You, America." "But there's a big difference. And it's that [Cernovich] was never actually offended by James Gunn's jokes."

Silverman pulled out two examples to explain why she knows this. "He regularly uses gay slurs and he once published an essay called 'How to Choke a Woman.'"

While she said that she believes the essay was "written in earnest," she was willing to concede that some might be arguing that it was clearly meant as a joke, but if that was the case, it only weakened his "outrage" even more. "He's got the same dark sense of humor as James Gunn, which so perfectly proves that his pearl-clutching is bulls--t," Silverman concluded.

She then turned the lens, as Cernovich and his followers did, on herself. Silverman was also accused of being a pedophile for tweeting the joke, "Is it molestation if the child makes the first move."

"It's fine to say that you don't like that joke or that it offends you, but it is an insane leap of logic to say that because I made a joke about pedophilia that I am a pedophile. That is like saying my buddy Jim Gaffigan is a Hot Pocket."

She drove home this point with another joke she wrote from her teenage years: "I don't know why my goldfish died. I mean, I put it in a tank ... top."

"You all know I didn't literally put my fish in a tanktop, right?" she asked after conceding that the joke was terrible and she should probably be fired for it. "No one would hear that joke and accuse me of animal abuse."

And yet, James Gunn is still fired and there are those who will never stop believing that both he and Silverman are pedophiles. And now, they probably also believe that Silverman kills fish by dressing them up. She may have hurt herself even more here.

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