Why Wendy Williams Thinks Julie Chen Has to Quit 'The Talk': 'Your Man Is a Forcer!'
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"Maybe he's forcing her to stay on his side," Wendy wonders.

The women of "The View" aren't the only ones who don't see how Julie Chen could return to "The Talk" amid sexual misconduct allegations against her husband Les Moonves, as Wendy Williams also thinks Chen's gotta go.

On her show Monday morning, Williams made it clear she doesn't believe Moonves' wife should try to come back to the talk show and should instead "step down" from her position as moderator.

Moonves has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by multiple women, resigning from CBS after the allegations were made.

"Can she return to 'The Talk' and be effective?" Williams asked her audience. "My answer is absolutely not. No. They do hot topics, they talk about women's issues, they talk about families, puppies and things like that. No, no, your man is a forcer. Your man is one of them and goodness only knows how much of this you knew about what he was doing."

"How can she sit next to Sharon Osbourne, because Sharon Osbourne pretty much outed Les saying, 'it's clear this man has a problem," Williams continued. She also said Chen can't have Osbourne fired, or "you'll be real obvious."

Chen has been MIA from "The Talk" since the season premiered last Monday, following her husband's resignation. Her co-hosts have all also spoken at length about the allegations against Moonves, with Osbourne saying "obviously, the man has a problem."

So, what would Williams do in Chen's shoes? Quit.

"I would release a statement saying, 'I feel as though I would be too much of a distraction sitting at the table with the ladies and too much of a distraction for staff and everyone else,'" she explained. "So with all due respect I've enjoyed my time here, but it's time for me to step down and I wish the other ladies well."

As for why she believes Chen is standing by her husband, Williams added, "Listen, maybe he's forcing her to stay on his side. He's a forcer, if you know what I'm saying."