Tyra Banks Reveals Lindsay Lohan Will Appear In 'Life-Size 2' and Says Sequel Is '10 Times Better Than the Original'
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Tyra Banks is spilling all kinds of secrets about "Life-Size 2," the sequel to her 2000 Disney classic with Lindsay Lohan.

Tyra Banks just finished filming "Life-Size 2," and she's spilling all kinds of secrets.

In a recent interview with "The Hollywood Reporter," Banks said her original co-star in the 2000 Disney comedy, Lindsay Lohan, will actually appear "in some kind of way" in the sequel.

"Lindsay really wanted to do the movie, like, was very gung ho in many different ways," Tyra said. "But she has a new TV show on MTV about this club and all this, so she couldn't make it, which was sad. But she'll be in the movie in some kind of way."

When pressed to give more details, the supermodel played coy. "I don't know. Maybe something," she said. "We'll see where that ends up."

Banks' new co-star is Selena Gomez's BFF Francia Raisa, who Tyra said was like her "little sister."

"We went to a spa together before we started shooting, and that rally bonded us," Tyra explained. "And that girl can act. It's in her eyes. Her eyes will tell you that she's happy. Her eyes will tell you that shes depressed. Her eyes will tell you, 'I'm about to cry.' She's a really strong actress, and the movie is 10 times better than the original."

So what else can fans expect from "Life-Size 2"? Tyra revealed the movie's most iconic song, "Be a Star," will be "remixed" in the sequel. She also anticipates the collective reaction to the film to be, "Whoa!"

"I think we're gonna surpass expectations, because me -- as a producer and actor in it -- it surpassed my own expectations, and I know what every word in that script is," she said. "So to be on set and go, 'Oh, my God -- this scene is so much better than I even imagined!' It's good stuff."

In April 2017, Banks announced that "Life-Size 2" would premiere on Freeform in December 2018.

We. Can't. Wait.

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