Vivica A. Fox Calls Out Farrah Abraham's Parenting: 'Are You Allowing Sophia to Be a Kid?'
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Farrah now says she wants to "beat up" Fox after her appearance on "Face the Truth."

Farrah Abraham's drug test meltdown wasn't the only explosive moment from Monday's episode of "Face the Truth," which also saw the "Teen Mom OG" star squaring off against the show's panel about her parenting skills.

Right at the top of the show, the women -- including host Vivica A. Fox and panelists Dr. Judy Ho, Judge "Scary Mary," Areva Martin and Rosie Mercado -- criticized Abraham for bringing her daughter, Sophia, with her as she got butt injections.

Abraham was immediately on the defensive, telling the women, "Clearly you stand in a point of you're not OK with it and that's fine."

Addressing any backlash she may get online, Farrah said, "In real life, there's no negativity, there's nothing going on. I don't know how many kids you have or what you're doing, but don't say one thing when you're not the doctor."

Mercado told her she shouldn't be getting work like that done with her daughter around. When Abraham responded, "I'm a mom and I'm a damn good mom," Mercado shot back, "That doesn't look like that's a really good mom."

Fox then pointed out how Abraham used a fun filter on her video when she filmed the procedure, asking her whether she realized how "serious" what she had done really was. "There are people now that are having to get surgeries to have things removed from the body, from the butt, from that whole craze," the host continued.

Abraham said it was just a "normal boost of collagen," adding that it's not like she's "putting fake cement in my butt and going to the emergency room." The reality star also said she did it on video to help "educate" those watching.

"At 9-years-old, your 9 year old daughter needs to be educated about collagen being shot in your ass?" asked a shocked Fox. Farrah's unbelievable response: "I'm sorry, babies get shots in their butts every day. Go to your pediatrician!"

As the discussion continued, Abraham walked off the set, refusing to be around when they decided to read some of the nasty comments left about her daughter on her social pages.

"I will step away while you look in and just sensationalize the negativity," she said before walking off. "We do not pay attention for that for mental health reasons."

Some of the comments they decided to read included, "9 year old slut! Are you trying to sell her to a pedophile ring?" and "Mom's getting her ready for the pole."

When Abraham came back out, Fox went in on her.

"Are you allowing Sophia to be a kid?" she asked. "You're taking your child to cosmetic procedures. To me, in my opinion, you're having her pose in sexually suggestive ways. What's wrong with her just being a kid?"

"Nothing's wrong with her being a kid," Abraham shot back. "I actually am so disgusted with how everybody is so in tune with all the negatives, allowing those negative, disgusting connotations to butt in on creativity and what kids want to be a kid and want to be fun and creative. And that's something I'm not going to do."

When Martin tried to get a word in, saying Abraham had "insulted" them all on their show, she stormed off again.

That led to a backstage breakdown, where Dr. Judy Ho tried to talk her into coming back on set.

"I'm only defensive because you act like I sexualize or do anything disgusting to my daughter and that is digesting behavior I will not tolerate from women," Abraham told her. "I'd rather talk to everyone as a whole, because that's how it feels."

"I'm not attacking you for your behaviors, I believe that you're doing the best by your child," Ho responded, before Abraham broke into tears.

She eventually came back out, and that's when the drug test drama began -- watch all of that unfold right here.

It's clear Farrah's not a fan of Fox, calling her a "non credible host" in a scathing Instagram post on Sunday. Abraham also expressed her desire to "beat up" Fox in a new post today, which shows her punching a water bottle while training for her celebrity boxing match against Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander.