'Candyman' Tony Todd Gives Jordan Peele His Blessing for Remake: 'It's About Time' (Exclusive)
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The man behind the horror icon is a fan of the "Get Out" director.

Tony Todd is ready to hear some poor fool repeat the name "Candyman" five times on the big screen again.

The character became a horror icon in his own right alongside Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers when the first film was released in 1992. While those murderous men all got recent reboots, remakes and sequels, the bee-infested urban legend hasn't had the chance to bust out his trusty hook since 1999.

But, that could all change, as "Get Out" director/writer/producer Jordan Peele is reportedly in talks to produce a remake for his Monkeypaw Production company.

TooFab caught up with the OG Candyman himself while promoting his new horror film, "Hell Fest," where he brought up how we're currently in a horror movie "renaissance." We had to ask: How would he feel about another "Candyman" coming out now?

"[It's] strongly rumored and I know Jordan is a fan of the character and moi, which is wonderful to hear and I'm a fan of his," Todd answered. "You know, it's about time."

The actor noted that a "squabble" over rights issues held up any development with the property in the past. "Come on, if the fans want it, you gotta give the people what they want," he added.

"As long as it's done well, and Jordan is an intelligent screenwriter. I know he would probably do his very best," Todd continued. "It's an iconic character that has withstood the test of time."

And, yes, he's also more than on board to appear in the new movie.

"I'm sure if it's done, they'll find a way to feed me," he joked. "I'll do more than pop up."

Until then, see Todd in action in "Hell Fest," hitting theaters October 28.

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