37 Memorable 'American Idol' Contestants: Then & Now

"The Voice" coach practices for her upcoming talk show, tries to get Meyers to admit who his worst guest is and asks him if he'd ever consider running for public office.

Now that she's spilled the beans about her upcoming talk show, Kelly Clarkson has been talking about it everywhere, and on "Late Night" Thursday, Seth Meyers let her swap spots with him for a bit.

She'd already filmed a pilot, but she still loved the chance to pick the brain of someone who's been doing this for awhile. In fact, while she did a great job asking Meyers several interesting questions, we absolutely loved that her first one was totally self-serving.

And she took it seriously, too, grabbing a pencil just "in case" while pounding a stack of papers on the desk. Finally, she asked earnestly, ""Who is your worst guest, so I don't ever invite them?"

After gales of laughter from both of them, Meyers replied, "That's a great question and I'll tell you backstage. But I can tell you as someone who hosts a show like this, I'm smart enough not to say that name on air." And the lessons just keep on coming.

Meyers did tell her that she needn't worry about the worst guests, because she's well-equipped to handle them. "The problem when you have a bad guest is that you have to do the talking, but that's never gonna be a problem," he said, because Clarkson is a talker herself.

She then asked him if he would ever run for public office, and he immediately shot that down. "I think we're really a terrible group of people to govern," he told her. "We're impossible."

"It's like a giant junior high," Clarkson said of America, agreeing with him.

Earlier in the night, Kelly had talked about a bet she had made with Blake Shelton at the start of the last season of "The Voice," he first.

Blake and I made a bet that if I won he had to call me Queen Kelly Clarkson and if he won I had to shut up for five minutes," she explained. Then with a huge smile to the audience, she added, "I'm still talking."

Clarkson won her first season of "The Voice," and is looking to repeat again this season when the new season kicks off Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. And she'll keep on talking when her talk show debuts next fall.

In the meantime, she and the kids are heading on tour with her winning singer, Brynn Cartelli. You can see her talk about her bet with Blake, how this tour is going to be different, and how much her son loves going on stage with her in the video below.

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