Chris Cuomo and 7 Other TV News Anchors with Smokin' Hot Bods

CNN invites Trump's feistiest advisor back on the air to debate Republicans' handling of a sexual assault allegation against their Supreme Court nominee.

Chris "Christopher" Cuomo got after Kellyanne Conway again on Thursday night, and things got so heated so quickly over Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh that she threatened to walk away five minutes into their latest bickering match.

"No, don't interrupt me, Christopher. You just think you can talk over me. I’ll walk away," she told Cuomo. "You guys begged me to come on and then you want to interrupt me. Hold on!"

But of course, these two just can't quit each other, and she stayed on camera for the remainder of the nearly 21-minute debate.

Cuomo started off by pressing the White House advisor on why President Donald Trump, Republicans and even Kavanaugh himself aren't pushing for an FBI investigation into Ford's claim that a drunk Kavanaugh allegedly attempted to force himself on her at a party in 1982. He argued it would theoretically be good for them if the FBI found nothing to back up her allegation, and he wondered why members of the GOP are so certain Kavanaugh is innocent if they haven't even heard Ford's testimony yet.

"Well Christopher, you just told your audience you wanted to lay out everything you learned," Conway said. "You’ve omitted cleverly a very important fact, which is Judge Kavanaugh said he wasn’t there. This is no longer he said, she said. This is she said and he said he wasn't there."

"What's the difference?" Cuomo asked, which Conway brushed past as she continued to ramble on for over a minute about how much scrutiny Kavanaugh has already faced from the FBI and Senate.

"If you're always looking for the facts and the truth, you can't omit important facts," Conway told a visibly annoyed Cuomo.

"I've reported many times that he denied it," he said.

"Well, you didn't say it tonight."

Conway's threat to leave came after she said, "You want to lay the blame at somebody’s feet, look no further than your Democratic friends, starting with Senator Feinstein. Even the Democrats are angry at her."

"That's just politics," Cuomo pointed out to a frustrated Conway. "As I've said many times, you're always welcome to come on, but have to stop you and check what you put out there."

"Nothing came out of my mouth yet, you're just talking," she fired back.

And then Cuomo dropped his best line of the verbal sparring match. "A lot of noise coming for nothing coming out of your mouth."

"I can leave, and we can watch him get confirmed next week," Conway fired right back.

Watch the circus its entirety below:

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