BTS Spread Self-Love At U.N. General Assembly Youth Event

The South Korean boy band proves they have the loudest and most dedicated fans when they can get screams for looking into the camera, speaking, singing or just existing.

It's reminiscent of anytime The Beatles appeared anywhere, but "The Tonight Show" was basically wall-to-wall screaming whenever South Korean boy band BTS was on-screen.

Cut to a close-up of any of the band's seven members, instant screams. If they open their mouth, scream. Heaven forbid any noise comes out, whether talking or singing, it's just too much and the screams become incoherent shrieks. It is absolutely how astonishing how wild their fans get about them.

Jimmy Fallon attempted to interview the group, but it took more than two minutes just to introduce them. One by one, the members turned to the camera (screams), smiled (shrieks) and said their names (fainting).

"We want to stay humble and enjoy the ride," group spokesperson -- as he speaks English very well -- RM said of the group's goals as their popularity continues to soar.

Suga, though, had a slightly higher ambition. He wanted to see BTS at the Grammys, and we don't think he just meant in the audience. With the breakthrough success they're seeing stateside this past year, it's very possible a trip to the awards show could be in their future.

RM also talked about their nerves when speaking in front of the United Nations, revealing that his hands were shaking the whole time.

But the boys were honored to be able to spread their message. "It's about speaking yourself," RM explained. It's mainly about speaking yourself instead of letting other people speak for you, 'cause to truly know ourselves is important to firstly know who I am and where I'm from and what my name is and what my voice is."

In a pre-taped segment, the guys showed off some of their dance capabilities, but the moves were all "Fortnite." Fallon joined the group in a challenge where they had to mimic some of the ridiculous dance moves of various "Fortnite" characters and, you guessed it, any time one of the band was on-screen, the screams nearly drowned out the footage.

Later, all seven of the lads took to the stage and if you listened really carefully, underneath all that screaming you could hear them perform their latest single, "Idol," as well as "I'm Fine." Check out those performances in the videos below.

And if you can control yourself, try not to scream until you're hoarse while doing so. We imagine a lot of throat lozenges were sold after this "Tonight Show" taping. Maybe BTS should come out with their own line of those!

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