'Hell Fest' Stars Reveal Their Favorite Slasher Movie Kills -- Yes, Paris Hilton Makes the List
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Hollywood Scream Queens -- Then & Now

The reality star's death by spear clearly made an impression on this crew.

Is the slasher ready for a comeback?

With horror movies seemingly in the middle of a renaissance thanks to critically acclaimed films like "Get Out," "Hereditary," "A Quiet Place" and the upcoming "Suspiria" reboot, this week's "Hell Fest" hopes to reinvigorate the slide-and-dice 'em sub genre.

In the flick, a group of college students learn the hard way that some of the blood, brutality and murder at a Halloween theme park are actually the real deal.

"It's a dream come true, to be part of the rebirth of the slasher franchise," Bex Taylor‑Klaus told TooFab in an interview with costars Amy Forsyth, Christian James and Roby Attal. "It's really, really cool."

"I think [slashers have] been ignored a little bit and much like all the really smart horror that's going on right now, I think it should be smart," director Gregory Plotkin. "For us, it was let's have it be gory, let's have it be fun, but not gore for gore's sake. Not over it. Keep it really grounded in strong, sensible characters we like."

"People are always gonna say slashers are campy, but we we didn't go into this trying to make a campy film," he added. "We tried to take it seriously."

Coming off of her role in MTV's reboot of "Scream," Taylor-Klaus said her favorite slasher "of old" was actually the 1996 film. "I'm gonna have to say Ghostface," she said, referring to that movie's masked maniac, "I'm pretty sure I'll get way too much flack if I say anybody else!"

For her costars, their tastes certainly differed a bit.

"Is Jason a slasher?" asked James, referring to the "Friday the 13th" series. "I just like Jason in space [aka 'Jason X'], when he smashes the girl's face in CO2. I don't know why, I just remember that scene very vividly and it was great. I loved that."

While Forsyth is more of a "Hereditary" kind of girl and not necessarily a slasher fan, Attal said he was into the first "Jeepers Creepers" movie.

But there was one additional horror kill that James and Taylor-Klaus both had to give props to: Paris Hilton's infamous death in "House of Wax."

"My favorite horror movie kill is the one where Paris Hilton dies with that spear," said Bex. "Oh my god, through the head -- yeah, that's a great kill," exclaimed James.

Speaking of the 2005 movie as a whole, Taylor-Klaus said it's "terrible in the best way," and she's not wrong. Revisit Hilton's memorable execution below:

"Hell Fest" hits theaters Friday, September 28.

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