Elle Macpherson & Terrence Howard Get Candid With Andy Cohen On 'WWHL'
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Fellow guest Elle Macpherson also spills on catching ex Billy Joel with Christie Brinkley.

Don't expect to see Terrence Howard back in the MCU anytime soon, especially after his appearance on Thursday's "Watch What Happens Live."

The actor reflected on two films from his past, "Glitter" and "Iron Man," during the show, after fans called in with questions about them both as he sat alongside supermodel Elle Macpherson.

First up, "Iron Man."

Howard played James "Rhodey" Rhodes in the first film, only to be replaced by Don Cheadle in the sequels. When a caller asked whether he'd return for more, Howard had a blunt response.

"You know what's so funny? Even though I love Don Cheadle so much and I love what he's done, I still hear a lot of fans asking, 'Am I going to come back and be War Machine? Am I going to come back and be War Machine?'" he explained. "I think they could have a huge franchise off of it, but f--k 'em."

Andy and Elle seemed shocked by the last part there, with Cohen coming up with this morning's headlines: "Terrence Howard to Iron Man, F--k Em."

While appearing previously on "WWHL" in 2013, Howard -- without explicitly naming names -- all but accused Robert Downey Jr. of getting him axed. "It turns out that the person I helped become Iron Man ... when it was time to re-up for the second one, (he) took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out," he said.

They apparently patched things up -- or were at least civil enough to take a photo together -- at Brian Grazer's 2016 wedding.

Howard had kinder things to say about his experience working on the critically-panned "Glitter," his 2001 movie with Mariah Carey. He was asked to rate the movie on a scale of 0-10.

"Personally, the emotional experiences I had on there with Max Beesley [who played Mariah's love interest[, I told him that you are, angels wish they were you, that's how talented he is," said Howard.

"That experience and getting to know Mariah makes it a ten," he continued, before cracking a wry smile and adding, "The product, I don't think we can rate the product, it's such an emotional movie."

Macpherson was put on the spot during the show as well, as a caller asked her what it was like when her then-boyfriend Billy Joel showed up to their home together with Christie Brinkley.

After Andy noted there was some "overlap" for Joel with the two models, she explained: "We were living together in Central Park West, we were friendly and I think he was dating Christie at the time, just starting to."

"I got ousted, what can I say," she added. When asked if she thinks "Uptown Girl" is actually about her, she said, "I think it's all the Uptown girls. I don't need to take any ownership of that."

Joel went on to marry Brinkley in 1985, divorcing in 1994.