'The View' Reveals Meghan McCain's Return Date as Exasperated Whoopi Goldberg Advises Kanye West to 'Think' Before He Speaks
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The moderator of the daytime talk show also doesn't appear to believe the rapper's claim he was "bullied" backstage before performing on "Saturday Night Live."

Whoopi Goldberg had some advice for Kanye West on "The View" Monday morning.

The moderator of the ABC daytime talk show recommended the rapper "think" before he speaks in wake of his calls to abolish the 13th Amendment.

"The 13th Amendment abolished slavery, Kanye," the frustrated TV personality said during the Hot Topics segment. "So maybe you want to think and write it down before you say it so that you know what you’re saying, okay?"

She was so exasperated by Kanye's tweet, she even ripped up the card it was written on right after she read it to the audience.

Goldberg was also a little confused over Kanye's claims he was "bullied" over his "Make America Great Again" hat by the cast of "Saturday Night Live," where he performed over the weekend.

"You see they laughing at me. You heard em the scream at me. They bully me. They bullied me backstage," he said during an on-stage rant that was cut short for time on television. "They said, 'Don’t go out there with that hat on.' They bullied me backstage. They bullied me!"

Goldberg, however, pointed out that the promos for the episode featured Kanye wearing the hat.

"I guess he didn't see all the promos SNL ran all week that had him in his hat," she said. "He wore the hat. All the promos show he wore the hat, so I don't know who was bullying him."

The discussion, overall, was pretty tame Monday. Goldberg was the only panelist to weigh in on Kanye's behavior. Joy Behar simply added, "He's looking for attention, I think."

Another highlight was the announcement that Meghan McCain would return to the show on Oct. 8. She's been taking time off to deal with the death of her father, Senator John McCain.

Watch both moments from the episode below.

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