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"Go ahead and keep pouring salt into this wound because women may shock you," Goldberg said.

"The View" hosts ripped Donald Trump Wednesday morning after he mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony regarding her alleged sexual assault at the hands of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Despite calling Ford's testimony "very credible" last week, Trump poked fun at the psychologist's account at a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday. Hosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sunny Hostin blasted the president's "dangerous position" and said it could harm future victims of sexual assault and harassment.

"This is about how this is going to affect women," Goldberg said. "Because when we say, 'Come out, come out, come out and tell us what's going on' and this is what the head of the country does, why are we surprised that men are treating this like it's nothing?"

"He has helped to create this idea that men and women now...we're fighting male and female now," she continued. "This is about women and all the stuff that we have been dealing with."

Out of the women on the table, Behar was the most angry with Trump.

"People need to look in the mirror now," Behar said. "I have been watching this sexual abuse thing at the Catholic church and now this, continuously. These kids come out and they report it and nothing happens to the priest. As a matter of fact, they ship them off to another church."

"Now this woman comes out nobody believes [her]," she continued. "The President of the United States goes on the air and makes fun of her! This is the world that we are [living] in, so every single one of us who have a moral compass have to speak up and also snitch on people who are doing these bad things and listen to children and listen to women and stop ignoring these type of accusations."

Behar added that she was not surprised that Trump went from calling Dr. Ford credible to openly mocking her -- and said there is "no consistency" in anything that Trump does.

"[Trump] seems to play to one audience and then when he gets his fans, they're all juiced up," she said. "He likes that, he gets excited."

Behar then pointed out that Trump endorsed Roy Moore for Alabama senator in 2017, despite the fact that Moore had been accused of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. However, Moore didn't get elected.

Goldberg offered a warning to Trump that he needs to "be careful" about what he says because he'll lose female support.

"Go ahead and keep pouring salt into this wound because women may shock you," Goldberg said.

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