'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' -- Meet the Characters

Langdon's arrival three years ago set the stage for an epic power struggle between the male and female covens as we learn how Madison came back to life.

"American Horror Story: Apocalypse" shifts three years into Michael Langdon's (Cody Fern) past this week, connecting "Coven" with another surprise "AHS" season.

The episode also featured the return of "Coven" characters Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe). Hardcore fans of "American Horror Story" may remember that Queenie was last seen getting murdered by Evan Peters' twisted James Patrick March in the "Hotel" season. And so she was.

We already knew to expect crossovers with "Coven" and "Murder House," but with this week's episode, we took a side journey to the Hotel Cortez for our third crossover season. Peters even reprised his role as March, tormenting Queenie with an eternal series of card games.

Finally, we got to meet the final principal cast member for the season with Cheyenne Jackson's John Henry Moore. For the moment, he only exists in that time period three years ago as the most reluctant member of the male coven as they allow their ambition to blind them to the inherent malevolence, as John Henry calls it, evident within Langdon.

Kind of makes you wonder how, out of all those men we met tonight from the warlock's coven, only Jackson is a principal cast member. It's probably not a reward for having more of a conscience than his fellow warlocks. There may be more to his story than being overruled by his compatriots.

While this peek into the past answered a lot of questions about Langdon's journey from when we saw him in "Murder House" to when he appeared in "Apocalypse," it also unearthed even more questions. And if we know Ryan Murphy, he'll probably leave a whole bunch of them unanswered.

Who Was the original Mead and How Did She Find Langdon?

So it turns out that Kathy Bates' delightfully wicked robot, Ms. Mead, is not based after Jessica Lange's Constance from "Murder House" after all. Apparently, somewhere along the way, a young Michael Langdon wound up with the original Ms. Mead, who looked just like Kathy Bates, and had her same evil tendencies.

This Mead was an out worshiper of Satan who taught Langdon about looking out for number one. She claimed to have killed her first three husbands, but was she really as evil as she said she was, or was she just all talk and threatening to talk to the manager when a butcher refused to give her a goat's head? It was Langdon, after all, who killed that guy for disrespecting her.

And that's the one thing she did right by Langdon, apparently. She loved him, and he loved her back, in his own way. He still totally abandoned her without so much as a goodbye on the side of the road when the warlocks came calling, but she seemed okay with it, telling him she'd be right there waiting for him. On that note, you can add another question to the list: "Is she still alive?"

Why Did Mallory and Coco Need Identity Spells Cast on Them?

With everyone thinking Mallory (Billie Lourd) and Coco (Leslie Grossman) were other members of the original coven, it looks like that may not be the case. This week, we saw Mallory impressing Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) three years ago with her magical skills. In fact, she was so impressive that Zoe called in Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) to see her in action moments before all hell broke loose.

So it begs the question as to why both Mallory and Coco needed identity spells cast on them? Was it to hide them from Langdon? And if so, how did they then get put on the survival list for the apocalypse, as it's now looking like the entire apocalypse is a power battle between witches and warlocks?

And if Coco is the weakest of them, as was said at the beginning of this week's episode, why hide and save her at all? There were several other witches at that table. What makes Coco special? For that matter, what makes Mallory special?

Could Mallory Be the Next Supreme?

The original "Coven" was all about the rise of the new Supreme, which turned out to be Cordelia. But with Mallory's impressive grasp of magic at such an early stage in her own education, are we being told that she has the makings of the next Supreme?

We've already learned that Michael is even more powerful than Cordelia, as evidenced by the returns of both Queenie (Sidibe) and Madison (Emma Roberts) three years ago, so perhaps Mallory is finally a woman who is his match. She subconsciously threw him back pretty easily upstairs in a similar manner to how Langdon subconsciouly killed the detective who was questioning him before the coven found him.

Perhaps unlocking Mallory is the only hope the coven has of stopping Michael and, as they seem to think is possible, saving the world from the apocalypse. Do they really have the power to role back everything that's happened in the world since it all fell apart? That's a level of power that seems beyond the scope of anyone, including Langdon.

Why Is March Afraid of Langdon?

And while we still don't know exactly what Langdon is -- he patently denied being Satan -- we do know that whatever he is, it's enough to unsettle a ghost like March. When Cordelia walked into the Cortez to try and save Queenie, March wasn't remotely worried about her, and was even dismissive.

And while we know that she was unable to free Queenie from its captivity, Langdon had no problem doing so. And from the moment March saw him, he knew he was looking at something completely new and different, And dare we say, he looked scared of him.

He urged Queenie to not fight him and just go with him, though this would cost him his latest toy and plaything, as well as playmate. He practically begs Queenie, insisting that she has no choice in the matter. In fact, it makes us wonder, does March care about Queenie, in some weird way? Why would he care what happens to her? Or did he fear Langdon would lash out at him if he didn't get his way here?

Where Are Zoe and Queenie in the Present Day?

After freeing Queenie from the Cortez, Langdon then brought her with him to Madison's private hell and freed her with little problem. All of this was done while the female coven was denying the male coven their request to have him face the trial of the Seven Wonders, and that meeting seemed to take no time at all. "May we?" "Hell, no!"

By the end of the hour, Cordelia, Zoe and Myrtle were stunned to see Queenie and Madison alive. And yet, when the witches walked into the bunker in the present day, it was Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison who showed up. This begs the question of where Zoe and Queenie are.

Now, it's possible they are off on missions of their own, or perhaps Queenie abandoned the coven again to return to the voodoo faction. Or perhaps they don't survive whatever is going down three years ago, or they didn't survive the apocalypse itself.

Is Langdon the 'AHS' Analog for Donald Trump?

Okay, this one might be a bit of a stretch, but what if Langdon is supposed to be the horror equivalent of Donald Trump. The warlock's coven was so eager to push him into power because they thought he could serve their purposes and give them the power they've long since craved. Only one of them sensed his inner darkness and unpredictability.

On top of that, if he were to go for the position of Supreme, that would pit him against the most powerful woman, which could easily be an analog for Hillary Clinton. Their battle for supremacy could be the equivalent of the election. After all, we are currently three years ago and there is no apocalypse.

Langdon tells Cordelia that she has no hope of defeating him because he's already won. Boasting about the electoral college win? Maybe he beats her on a technicality. And the fact that after he "won" whatever it was the world became an apocalyptic wasteland, well that could be Ryan Murphy's subtle way of saying things aren't great under Trump.

We're happy to admit that this theory is half-baked at best, but we also know that Ryan Murphy is very politically-minded, and "Cult" certainly played around with the election itself. Perhaps this is Murphy playing around with how he perceives the aftermath of that election, envisioning a very bleak future for America under the current administration.

Honestly, it was mostly the naked ambition of the all-male coven blinding them to the inherent dangers in Langdon's reckless behavior that reminded us a bit of the GOP rallying behind Trump after he came into his power. So eager to claim power and clearly anticipating their personal gains with his rise, they are all willing to compromise commen sense and throw caution to the wind. For the greed of men, the world was lost.

"American Horror Story: Apocalypse" is probably about to stomp our theory into the dirt as it continues every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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