Steven Seagal Walks Out of Live Interview When Asked About Rape Allegation Against Him

A woman came forward earlier this year to allege the former action star raped her in his home in 1993.

Steven Seagal immediately walked out of a live TV interview on BBC Thursday when the host brought up the sexual harassment and assault allegations against him.

His abrupt exit came after Kirsty Wark asked, "In terms of your life in America, you’ve been very much caught up in all of the allegations of sexual harassment. You’ve had a rape allegation against you, and I wonder how you deal with all of that?"

You can watch the video below.

Wark is referencing an accusation that emerged this past spring. Regina Simons, an extra on his 1994 action movie "On Deadly Ground," alleged that Seagal raped her at his home in 1993 when she was 18.

Seagal denied the allegation, as well as others that have made headlines.

In November of 2017, actress and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy accused Seagal of trying to make her take her dress off in front of him when she auditioned for "Under Siege 2."

"I paused, I looked up at him, went from shock to sadness," McCarthy said. "My eyes filled with water and I yelled, 'Go buy my Playboy video. It's on sale for $19.99' and just took off."

She also claimed that Seagal followed her out to her car and warned her not to tell anyone about what happened, "or else."

"I was the last girl that day. How many girls had to take off their clothes? How many girls had to do more? It just so grossed me out."

Before that, actress Portia de Rossi had tweeted Seagal "unzipped his leather pants" during a private audition in his office.

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