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The "Venom" actress joins "The Late Late Show" host and bandleader Reggie Watts for an original old-school rap telling the story of Marvel's anti-hero.

"Venom" star Jenny Slate dropped by "The Late Late Show" to throw down some old-school rap and teach James Corden and Reggie Watts how to do the Venom.

That's right, they took a sometimes-evil Marvel Comics character and turned him into a '90s-era dance that absolutely no one can do unless they have an alien symbiote bonded with their body the way Eddie Brock does in the comics and upcoming film.

Credit where it's due, though, every moment of this ridiculous pastiche to the pastel-colored ridiculousness of early '90s hip-hop is on full display in this music video tribute to the over-the-top Spider-Man villain who steps out from under Spidey's shadow to cast his own across theaters nationwide starting Friday.

With a very Fresh Prince vibe, the video was reminiscent of Will Smith's "Nightmare on My Street" tribute to Freddy Krueger. In this one, though, James Corden steps in for Tom Hardy, because while Hardy might be able to kick ass on the big-screen, when you want a song-and-dance man, it's Corden you call.

Once Slate started describing the dance known as the Venom -- because back in the '90s, every hip-hop song seemed to have an accompanying dance ("The Humpty Dance" anyone?) -- Corden grew far less confident in himself, as this dance requires a three-foot tongue and the ability to do a standing backflip.

Let's just say that while Corden may have had the look of Venom, he doesn't seem to have picked up the powers necessary to pull this move off. Not that this stops him. It totally should have stopped him. Or somebody should have stopped him.

While this might look a little ridiculous by 2018 standards, it's important to remember that this would probably be a number one hit in 1992, when Venom was at his peak popularity in comics.

It was a more innocent time back then. And a little weirder.

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