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ABC late-night hosts combines two of the nation's biggest talking points: the explorer for which a national holiday is named after and Brett Kavanaugh.

There seems to be no shortage of people willing to believe anything Jimmy Kimmel's crew tells them outside his studio on Hollywood Boulevard.

On Monday night's edition of "Lie Witness News" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the comedian sent his crew to ask Americans if they agree with the Senate's decision to confirm Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick Christopher Columbus.

If you can't spot what is wrong with that question, go back to high school. Now.

The result was four people giving serious thought to this ridiculous question to varying degrees. One woman said, "I do. I just believe that it was so long ago in the past, and there's not enough evidence to back it up."

"It's a hard question," another guy said.

That may be the best answer. The last one is our favorite because the guy seems to recognize Columbus as the Italian explorer who stumbled upon the Bahamas in 1492, but still agrees it's "okay for him to sit on the Supreme Court."

Most of these people were confusing Columbus for Brett Kavanaugh -- a justice who was confirmed this past Saturday, despite multiple women coming forward with sexual assault and misconduct allegations against him. As for the last guy, we can't even begin to guess what was going through his mind, but gotta give him props for rockin' a "Space Jam" Tune Squad jersey.

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