22 Hollywood Costars Who Hated Each Other

The rapper says one co-star was so bad, the crew saged the set when she left.

The women of "The Talk" spilled on some behind the scenes drama with a few of their famous, former coworkers.

Busy Philipps' claim that James Franco was a "f--king bully" on the set of "Freaks and Geeks" sparked a conversation on Tuesday's episode about the hosts' own experiences with nasty coworkers.

"I worked with a bully and it was a woman and I like to think I'm tough and I can take care of myself, but I think when somebody does mind games with you and they're very passive aggressive, it's a really bad atmosphere to work in and be around," said Sharon Osbourne, who didn't name names.

"It can be soul destroying," she continued. "I think that intimidation and things like that, I'd rather be slapped to be quite honest with you and have someone say, 'I don't like you,' whack, and you're like, alright then, bye."

Eve said she could relate to Sharon's comment about mind games.

"If someone's smiling in your face one day, and the next day they're really cold or says certain things, it makes you on edge," she said.

"I worked on a movie set with a person who wasn't so much a bully to me, but to other people," the rapper continued, also not naming names. "And after she left the set, they saged the set because her energy!"

"She played mind games with people and was so just rude," Eve continued. "It was kind of like she threw her status around, threw her weight around and knew that people wouldn't say no to her, people were so excited to have her."

Anyone else skimming her IMDB page now for potential culprits?

After Sara Gilbert shared a story about a male director who'd also bully people and "throw tantrums" on set, Osbourne told her to reveal his identity.

"I'll tell you his name, first you tell yours and you tell yours," Gilbert responded, motioning to both Osbourne and Eve.

Unfortunately, neither did and the conversation rolled on.

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