Ariana Grande's Pet Pig Takes Center Stage for Her 'Breathin' Music Video
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Piggy Smalls takes center stage in what has to be the cheapest music video ever produced.

Ariana Grande made her latest music video for a fraction of the budget of any previous effort, and it stars her and Pete Davidson's new pet, Piggy Smalls.

The couple's pet pig stars in the three-minute clip for "Breathin," which literally just features Piggy sniffing around a fur blanket and poking at the camera. There are no edits, and the pig isn't even lip-syncing the words to the song, though there are a couple of places where you could imagine that happening.

This has to, quite simply, be the cheapest music video ever produced. It looks like it was recorded on a camcorder from the 1980s, complete with VHS-style resolution issues. Or perhaps in this digital age, Grande paid millions of dollars to give the clip that vintage crappier look.

While Piggy has made some brief appearances on various Instagram posts since the couple picked him up last month, but this marks his first major project debut. One can only assume he'll be flooded with calls from agents after his star-turning performance and quickly make the transition into television or feature films.

It's hard to tell how old this footage is, as Piggy looks quite small here. Davidson, though, recently told Seth Meyers that Piggy had grown quite a bit since Grande made him appear through sheer force of will.

"This girl was like, 'I want a pig!' and then an hour later it was just there," Davidson joked. "It was f--king nuts."

And now it's the star of Grande's latest music video, just "breathin' and breathin' and breathin' and breathin'." So the real question is, how many MTV VMAs will Piggy Smalls take home at the next ceremony? And how many other stars are going to look to make $10 music videos now?

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