Roger Matthews' Latest Effort to Win JWoww Back Includes Anniversary Dinner and Carriage Ride
Jwoww's Wedding Weekend

The "Jersey Shore" star filed for divorce from her husband of three years this past month for what he described as a "repetitive pattern" she grew tired of.

Roger Mathews is proving true to his word as he fights to salvage his marriage with JWoww by inviting her on a romantic dinner and carriage ride for their anniversary.

The couple are celebrating three years of marriage, even after Jenni "JWoww" Farley filed for divorce last month. At the time, Mathews said he intended to fight for their marriage and vowed to "win" her back.

We've got to admit, celebrating an anniversary in such grand style is a great step in that direction, and JWoww certainly seems to be enjoying herself in the photo and short video shared by Mathews to his Instagram page. We're not ashamed to admit we're rooting for these crazy kids to work it out.

Not just because they seem like a sweet couple, but because Mathews has seemed like he's being genuine and real about everything since she filed for divorce, owning up to his role in the decline of their marriage and putting forth effort to make things right by her. That's someone we can get behind.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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We love that Mathews captioned this image, "Rome wasn't built in a day." He's acknowledging that the problems that culminated in JWoww filing for divorce aren't something he can fix with one grand romantic gesture. It will be an every day commitment to prove to her that he can be the man she married, wants and deserves.

For his next post, he wrote, "It all started with a smile," which could refer to when he first fell for her. Both posts are a beautiful reflection of a man who has been humbled, put his pride aside and is truly making an effort to salvage his marriage.

It all started with a smile.

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In a nation with a divorce rate as high as ours, whether they make it or not, this couple stands as a testament to the fact that marriage isn't always easy, but it is worth fighting for. It's a vow that starts on the wedding day and continues every day.

After JWoww made the filing, Mathews was quick to back her in this saying he didn't blame her. He also affirmed that there was no cheating going on.

What he's trying to fix for them is a "repetitive pattern" he says she grew tired of, without going into any specifics. He revealed that the pair are in couples counseling "so there is hope. It ain't over until the fat lady sings."

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