Colbert and Noah Trounce Trump for Backing Out of $1 Million Charity Deal with Elizabeth Warren
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The president said he would donate $1 million to the charity of Warren's choice if she can prove Native American heritage, but now that she has he's changing his story.

If there's one thing the events of the last day have taught us, it's that Donald Trump is not a man of his word after Elizabeth Warren put him on the spot regarding a $1 million charity offer, and both Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah had something to say about it.

During one of his many campaign rallies where he's mocked Warren and called her by the racially insensitive nickname "Pocahontas," Trump made the promise that he would donate a million dollars to the charity of her choice if she would take a DNA test that proved her Native American heritage.

Well, on Sunday, Warren released video of her getting the results back of a DNA test that confidently declare that she has some Native American heritage. So, of course, Trump immediately started backing down from his initial promise.

At first, he denied having said it altogether, telling reporters to go back and read it again. But it wasn't something he'd written, it was something he'd said. And it was recorded. So there was no hiding from that.

And so by the afternoon, he'd amended his approach to say that he would only do it if Warren was in a debate with him and if he could administer the test himself. In other words, there is absolutely no way he's going to pay a dime.

None of this was particularly surprising to either Colbert or Noah, but they nevertheless went in on the president for going back on his word that would have benefited a charity.

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Stephen Colbert started by setting the background of the story, which included a clip of Trump calling Warren "Pocahontas" over and over again, at one point suggesting it was an affectionate nickname.

"It may be racist, but it's affectionate, because Trump has great affection for racism," Colbert explained.

After showing footage of Warren finding out definitively that the stories her family have told her about Native American heritage were true, Colbert analyzed the footage to reach a conclusion of his own.

"This test accurately reveals, with a high confidence, that Elizabeth Warren is running for president," he said.

As for Trump, he couldn't believe that the first thing Trump said -- even before denying he'd ever made the donation promise -- was "who cares?" when told that Warren had gotten her DNA results. "You care," Colbert said into the camera. "You're literally the only one who cares."

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah talked about the saga of the promise during a "Between the Scenes" segment, marveling at Trump declaring now that he would only accept the results if he conducted the test himself.

"He's the only person who says I will only accept it if it's not an expert," Noah said.

He found himself hoping that Warren does somehow wind up accepting the nomination for the Democratic party in 2020, if only for one admittedly selfish reason.

"If I were Elizabeth Warren and I was the nominee for the Democrats and I was debating Donald Trump, you know when they do the walkout music at the debates?" he asked his audience. "If I was Elizabeth Warren, I would make sure that when I walk out ... it's like, 'Bitch better have my money.'"

From there, he just broke into the Rihanna song. Even better, Warren should totally get Rihanna to come join her at the debate, and on her own rally stops. She could have her own hype girl, only it's a multiplatinum recording artist and star.

Every time Trump tries to speak, Rihanna can slide over to his side of the stage and sing, "Pay me what you owe me!"

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