Gwyneth Paltrow Spills on Brad Falchuk Marriage, 'Good Orgasms' and What Wellness Trend Is 'Too Far' for Her
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The Goop boss lady also reflects on the criticism the company has received during its 11 years in business.

Gwyneth Paltrow spilled on marriage, orgasms and wellness in a new Glamour interview from her first Goop storefront in London.

The actress-turned-entrepreneur married longtime boyfriend Brad Falchuk -- the guy who co-created "American Horror Story" with Ryan Murphy -- at the end of last month in a secret ceremony in the Hamptons, and she's very optimistic.

"It’s fantastic. I feel so lucky and I am so grateful," she said. "It’s different to be in your mid-40s; do it again and bring all your experience, your pain, your happiness, suffering -- everything. It’s actually very heartening, I feel very optimistic!"

Paltrow split with ex-husband Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, in 2014. She shared her second marriage with fans via a simple Instagram post on Sept. 30.

The interview took place inside her Goop store, where she walked Glamour through an array of products the wellness brand offers, including a sleek white vibrator called the Tennis Coach.

"I think it’s really important," she said of sex. "I think women feel much better and integrated when they’re having good orgasms."

Also important? Brushing the onslaught of criticism she and her company have received over the years.

"It’s important to keep going. It’s an important lesson. Women get a lot of push-back and a lot of criticism in a way men don’t -- with women leaders you see it all the time. You see it to an incredible degree right now, especially in the United States," she said.

"You cannot be defeated. You have to keep your eye on the prize and keep going, especially in a company like this, where I really feel that we are moving culture forward," she continued while reflecting on creating a $250 million business. "A lot of the criticism we get, six months later or a year later everyone is doing it. By pattern, by recognition, I can see that everyone is up in arms that we are talking about acupuncture, but however many months later it’s adapted into culture."

While there have been plenty of unusual wellness trends and products Goop has thrown support behind throughout its 11-year history, Paltrow revealed one she "would never do."

"I have a friend who’s very into wellness who has put leaches on," she said. "I swear, I would never do that. That’s too far."

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