Cardi B Slams Fake Screenshot of Her 'Liking' a Post Trashing Ariana Grande: 'Leave Me Alone'
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Cardi B will not be baited into a feud with Ariana Grande, so don't even try it!

Cardi B went on the offensive Saturday night over a screenshot alleging that she "liked" a post of Ariana Grande with different men captioned, "Ariana a Lil Hoe."

Clearly, someone was trying to start a celebrity feud, but the "I Like It" singer was having none of it. Never one to shy away from a fight, Cardi decided to expose the screenshot as fake before it gained too much traction. She may not have any beef with Grande, but she had plenty with whoever was trying to pit the two stars against one another.

Carid took to Twitter with a close-up of the original post and savagely pointed out that the "Y" isn't quite right in the "Liked by" portion.

"Ya gotta do better with the photoshopping," she wrote, with four laughing emojis ... because not only was this attempt to bait her and Ariana into a feud mean-spirited, but it was also lame. Who believes anything they see on the Internet anymore, anyway?

In the original post, Grande is seen cozying up with five different guys, including recent breakups Pete Davidson and the late Mac Miller, the latter whose death Grande has admitted struggling with. Not to mention that she and Davidson only recently called of their engagement, which makes that original post particularly cruel even without the faked inclusion of Cardi B "liking" it.

"You kids need to find a hobby," Cardi wrote in her post. "Leave me alone." And while they're at it, how about leaving Ariana Grande alone. Maybe just leave everyone alone, actually. We hear solitaire is a nice game.

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