T-Pain Weighs in on Drake and Pusha-T Feud, Kanye West's Pro-Trump Stance
Kanye West Sits Down with President Trump in the Oval Office

The rapper breaks down the feud between Drake and Pusha-T down to the quality of the songs and lyrics, laments that Drake won't release his last diss track.

T-Pain has worked with a lot of artists throughout his career, so it's no surprised he was more than willing to weigh in on some of the hip-hop communities most recent stories on "Watch What Happens Live," like Kanye West's ongoing Trump support and the epic rap feud between Drake and Pusha-T.

The latter feud peaked when Pusha exposed Drake's long-rumored child to the world, forcing Drake's hand, who acknowledged the child in a response diss of his own. The two went back and forth for awhile, but Drake gave Pusha the final say ... kind of.

He wrote and teased another diss track, but opted not to release it, which did not put him in T-Pain's good graces. "He said himself, 'I've said some terrible things on there,'" T-Pain told Andy Cohen. "I would just like to know. I mean obviously. You can't start that kind of sentence and not let us hear that."

When asked to break down the feud and try to determine who won it, T-Pain was very methodical and very candid in his process.

"Both were equally great," he conceded. "If we're just talking about pure rap battle-rap battle, Drake had better songs, Pusha-T had better lyrics. If we're talking W's to L's, Drake's situation seems a little worse than Pusha-T's. Having to have people step in and say, 'Yo, let's stop it.'"

And then he had to factor in Drake not releasing that diss album. And all of it culminated in Andy Cohen proving why he's one of the sharpest interviewers out there. T-Pain had not yet concluded his determination on who won that battle, and even got off track a little on the missing diss track. So how did Cohen rein him in?

"Did you have the diamond grill in last time you were here?" Cohen asked. Masterful.

At another point a caller asked what T-Pain thought of Kanye West's incessant support of Donald Trump, and the rapper was much less passionate about this topic. In fact, you could argue he was passionately not passionate about it.

"I don't think it has any affect on my life. He's doing his thing. He can support who he wants," he said. "There are plenty of people that I don't know that support Trump, so it's not really-- He can do what he wants. It's not a big deal for me. I'm not in support of that."

He concluded by saying he is consciously avoiding whatever Kanye is doing. "I try not to pay attention to it," he explained. "That way, I get more shit done with my day."

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