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Melissa Villasenor blows everyone away with spot-on impressions of several pop divas, while Fallon gives his take on Post Malone.

Jimmy Fallon invited "Saturday Night Live" star Melissa Villasenor onto "The Tonight Show" after she challenged him to a musical impressions competition.

Fallon, of course, is one of the best impressionists of the modern era, and with his musical background, he's created some of the most iconic impressions of musicians, including Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and Bob Dylan. And on Monday, he added Post Malone to his repertoire.

But he found himself facing a new challenge as Villasenor absolutely blew everyone away with her transformations into these pop divas. Utilizing a randomizer that was clearly stacked with some of her best impressions, Villasenor was challenge with bringing Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Bjork to life.

When Aguilera's name came up, Fallon joked, "Good luck." But the "SNL" star didn't need luck, as she absolutely nailed Stefani's vocal affectations as well as her mic delivery. The only thing missing was that ridiculous range.

Her transformations into Stefani and Bjork were just as complete, with Villasenor taking up Stefani's signature moves, facial expressions and absolutely nailing her unique vocal delivery. And there is perhaps no one quite as unique as Bjork, but Villasenor had no problems there as well.

And these impressions are such a far cry from her normal speaking voice, making it even more shocking that she can go there. It's just a shame she had to go on "The Tonight Show" to really showcase how versatile and good her impressions are. Surely there should be ways to incorporate this incredible talent into "Saturday Night Live."

As for Fallon, he absolutely slayed as Post Malone, with a huge assist from autotune on his mic. But it wasn't the autotune that captured the essence of how Post Malone performs. Honestly, we could watch these two battle it out with impressions for hours, it was that entertaining and they're both so good!

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