Why Charli XCX Thinks Auto-Tune is the 'Savior' of Her Live Performances
Inside Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour

The "Fancy" singer doesn't think the vocal enhancer makes her any "less of an artist."

Charli XCX is not ashamed to admit she uses auto-tune during live performances.

The British pop star, who is currently on Taylor Swift's "Reputation" tour alongside Camila Cabello, told The Herald Sun in an interview published Monday that auto-tune is the "savior" of her touring life.

"I don't see it as a bad thing," she said. "I know there's this stigma that if you use auto-tune, you're not a real artist."

"I don't have the strongest voice," she continued. "My voice is good when I focus and concentrate but I'm not focusing when I'm performing live, I'm partying."

The "Break the Rules" singer added that she also uses the vocal enhancer as a "tool to explore songwriting" in the studio.

"It doesn't make you less of an artist," Charli said. "Look at Travis Scott, he sounds amazing and it sounds unique to him."

The "Girls" crooner, whose fans are called "Angels," is currently in Australia with Swift. Charli explained that despite using auto-tune, she's confident in performing live.

"I don't really get nervous at those shows and also I'm a bit cocky in the sense that even if that stadium is full of people who don't know me, I know they know at least one of my songs," she said. "And I'm a good performer; I can win over a crowd."

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