'Jersey Shore' Kids: The Next Generation of Fist Pumpers

Ronnie's baby mama, Jen Harley, returns to "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," as Angelina Pivarnick opens up about her traumatic childhood.

Here we go again.

On Thursday's episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," the cast braced themselves for the return of Jen Harley -- Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama who was arrested just weeks prior for domestic battery after allegedly hitting Ron in the face and dragging him with her car.

The last time anyone from the group saw Jen, she yelled at show producers, put hands on Ron and caused a major scene at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. What cameras didn't show was that Jen actually ended up getting banned from the hotel -- information that became relevant this episode.

Naturally, Ronnie was anxious about Jen's second appearance on "Family Vacation" but tried desperately to convince his castmates that things were better now. Not one person believed him.

Fast-forward to Jen's arrival: The group was out to dinner when she got to Atlantic City. After she gave a few of the cast members some half-assed side hugs, everyone sat in uncomfortable silence until Jenni "JWoww" Farley blurted out, "Your mug shot -- you look hot!" Surprisingly, that broke the ice, and the crew was able to enjoy a nice dinner with Deener.

After the meal, everyone went upstairs (they were staying at Harrah's) to freshen up before heading back out to watch DJ Pauly D do his thing. But then -- out of nowhere -- a Caesars Group hotel rep showed up and requested to speak with both Ronnie and Jen.

As it turns out, Jen was banned from all Caesars Group properties, which includes Harrah's. After some discussion, Ronnie and Jen assured the rep that they would behave. "We've been going through anger management and therapy on our own," Jen assured the rep, who eventually let them stay.

But Ron couldn't face having to tell his friends the real reason they were singled out, so he lied and said Jen forgot her ID. Again, not one person believed him.

Nevertheless, everyone was ready to put the past behind them and go enjoy Pauly's set.

While at the club, the group was dancing and laughing and drinking and having such a good time that they almost forgot how dysfunctional Ronnie and Jen really are. Before long, Jen was trashed -- and to steer clear of further trouble, Ronnie suggested she stop drinking.

That did not go over well.

JEN: "Do a shot with me."

RON: "No more shots for you."

JEN: "It's a birthday party!"

RON: "I'm asking you to please..."

JEN: "F--k off. You're f--king up, Ron."

RON: "Will you stop being mean to me?"

JEN: "Stop playing the f--king victim!"

RON: "I'm not! I'm being real. I'm being reasonable. I'm like trying to talk to you."

JEN: "I don't know who the f--k you are right now."

RON: "You're yelling and fighting with me for no reason."

JEN: "I wanna go home."

And just like that, Jen made her dramatic exit.

But another noteworthy moment from Thursday's episode occurred at brunch earlier that day, when Angelina Pivarnick opened up to JWoww, Deena Cortese and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's fiancée, Lauren, about her abusive upbringing.

While discussing the fact that Angelina's been engaged a total of three times, JWoww bluntly asked her if she has a good relationship with her father.

"My dad and me -- we're like -- we're decent," Angelina replied. "My childhood was not easy. Our parents didn't have a good relationship. My father was a cheater. He was an abusive father. He was never a father to me growing up as a kid. He met my mother in court because my father was always in and out of jail. When I was born, my father was in jail. He only had me because it was gonna give him a lesser jail sentence, so he was like, 'Oh, lemme have a daughter with a woman that I don't even love.'"

Lauren tried to suggest that maybe that was simply Angelina's "perspective" on the situation, but Angelina maintained that's "exactly" what her father told her.

In that moment, Jenni -- who's had a very tumultuous relationship with Angelina since the first go-around of "Jersey Shore" -- softened a little.

"Hearing from Angelina her daddy issues is heartbreaking 'cause it makes sense as to why she's very codependent," Jenni told cameras. "I feel really bad for how I treated Angelina and for how I judged her."

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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