Carole Radziwill Calls Megyn Kelly 'Absurd' for Defending Luann's 'Blackface,' Says Bravo Was 'Concerned' About Costume
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The former "RHONY" star also says there's one big difference between what Luann did and Megyn defending it.

One of Luann de Lesseps' costars is speaking out after a conversation involving the reality star's Diana Ross costume eventually led to Megyn Kelly getting the boot from NBC.

During Kelly's now-infamous defense of blackface on "Megyn Kelly TODAY," she brought up the controversy that erupted when Lu darkened her skin and wore an outrageous afro to be the legendary singer, a move that led to cries of blackface. Kelly, however, wondered how it could be perceived as "racist."

In a series of tweets on Friday morning, Lu's former "Real Housewives of New York" costar Carole Radziwill sounded off on Kelly's stance on the issue, while also doubling down on her disapproval of de Lesseps' look and explaining why she believes there's a big difference with how NBC/Universal handled both situations.

"Wait @MegynTODAY saw #rhony and she still couldn't see its offensive??" Carole tweeted late last night. "Luann blackened her face & put on an afro. Megyn defends that? She is absurd."

When one of her followers says "no one" was offended by Lu, Radziwill clapped back, "Only racists and ignorant people would not be offended. And why is the @TODAYshow defending a #rhony episode that even @Bravotv thought indefensible? Check yourself."

Another follower accused Carole of being "#justasbad" as Lu by continuing to party with her. "I didn't see you being outraged at the party or refusing to film with her over it," they wrote, "Taking at stance behind her back or in confessionals isn't taking a stand against offensive dress!"

"I left the party and spoke to the producers about it," Carole responded. "But you didn't see all that. I was the only one who thought it insane and knew it was wrong. I was shocked no one said anything. I spoke up the next day at lunch." She added that Bravo "was concerned about how it looked. Trust me."

She went on to explain the history of blackface, adding that, "a majority of people are either outright offended or at least know it's insensitive" and calling Lu's costume "racist" and "tone deaf." Radziwill also said "TODAY" did the right thing by letting Kelly go.

"If they fired Megyn Kelly for her racist comments, it would be consistent for them to fire Luann because she physically dressed up in blackface," wrote one follower.

"Perhaps @Bravotv should have considered taking some action against @CountessLuann," Carole admitted, "However a reality show where women are often drunk, belligerent, and act crazy is not the same as a news anchor speaking with some sort of authority."

"[Luann] is a Housewife on a silly show," she added. "Megyn Kelly is speaking w/ authority on a news show."

Speaking about the costume after the Halloween episode aired on "Watch What Happens Live," Luann said she was "horrified" by the reaction. "I never meant to hurt anybody’s feelings. I love Diana Ross and I totally respect Diana Ross," she said. "It was really kind of a tribute to her, and it was Halloween."

"I had bronzer on that I wear normally like the rest of my skin," she said of her darker tone. "I'm tan, like right now. So I didn't add anything to or would ever, ever dream of doing a blackface. Ever."

She added, "I'm very sorry to everyone out there if I offended anyone."

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