Kelly Rowland Shuts Down 'Stupid' Rumor About Her Skin Color
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"Don't go saying stupid stuff like that," she tells her Instagram followers.

Kelly Rowland does not bleach her skin and thinks it's really "stupid" if you think she does.

The former Destiny's Child member responded on Thursday to Instagram followers accusing her of doing just that after she shared a photo in which her skin appears lighter. In an Instagram Story update, she begrudgingly responded to the accusation she never expected to have hurled at her by pointing out the obvious: exposure to light in a photograph can make subjects appear lighter or darker.

"So I just landed in LA and I saw that a lot of people are like, 'Oh my god, she bleaches her skin!'" Rowland began. "Now, I never answer questions like this, because I think it's so stupid or even say anything about comments about this."

"I am not the one to bleach my skin, nor do I want to bleach my skin, nor do I have to bleach my skin," she said. "I don't even think that, it's not for me. So, don't go saying stupid stuff like that. You ever thought that it could be the lighting?"

Rowland pointed out the light that was coming in through the window as an example. Throughout the video, the singer used some GIFs to further prove her point, including a black Rosie the Riveter.

"Dude, I am still chocolate," she concluded. "Forever chocolate. Proud to be chocolate."

Watch the full clip below.

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