Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Scream Their Way Through a Haunted House with Ellen's EP
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"Is that Kendall Jenner?" Teigen screamed while plowing through the haunted house.

Ellen DeGeneres sent her EP Andy Lassner through another haunted maze with Chrissy Teigen, but this time with an added guest -- Teigen's mom Vilailuck!

The incredible boss that she is, Ellen scares the shit out of her executive producer (along with a celeb) through a haunted maze every year. For this Halloween, Ellen sent Lassner and Teigen through a "Purge" themed maze and it was as hilarious as you could have imagined. However, Ellen apparently didn't get enough sick, twisted enjoyment the first time and wanted to put Lassner and Teigen through some more scares.

In a clip published Wednesday, Lassner, Teigen and her mom were tasked with making it out alive through "The Horrors of Blumhouse" maze, featuring scary studio's films "Truth or Dare" and "Unfriended."

"The agreement every year, because of how much I dislike this feeling, was that I would only do one," Lassner began. "But what you do is that you guilt me into saying your mother wants to do one."

"How can you say no to my mom?" Teigen replied. "She loves this stuff!"

"There's gonna be issues back at the office over this," Lassner said.

The group ran their way through the maze and were hit with scares at every turn, with bloody nuns, creepy hooded figures and masked creatures.

Towards the end of the maze, Shelley Henning's character from "Unfriended" appeared at one point and Teigen asked, "Is that Kendall Jenner?"

After many screams and shrieks, Lassner asked Teigen, "How sick are you that you put your mother through this?"

Watch the full clip below.

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