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The "Will & Grace" star drops by "Busy Tonight" where she reveals that it was husband Nick Offerman's fault that Simpson's spirit was so restless.

Busy Philipps welcomed "Will & Grace" star Megan Mullally to the Halloween installment of her new talk show "Busy Tonight," so it's totally appropriate that Megan brought a ghost story with her, right?

TV's Karen Walker was deadly serious in talking about a haunting she experienced years ago with hubby Nick Offerman ("Parks & Recreation"), and wasn't shy about saying that it was basically all his fault that the ghost of O.J. Simpson's ex.

"We would have in that house, in one corner of the house like maybe where the bedroom used to be in the old house, we would have all these sounds and weird things all the time," Megan told an increasingly horrified Busy. "I would be like, 'That's Nicole and she's pissed because Nick doesn't get it.'"

What Nick didn't get, apparently, was much of anything about who she was or the significance of her death. While she didn't say anything implicitly about it, we imagine Nick was off in the woods building a cabin or doing something completely disconnected while the rest of America was glued to that white Bronco going like four miles an hour down the freeway for what felt like six weeks.

Luckily, the story of Simpson's trail had a "moment," as it were, recently with the ESPN documentary and Ryan Murphy's mini-series "The People v. O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story."

According to Megan, it was only after watching these things that Nick realized, "Oh my god, this was like a really big deal."

"Yeah, that's what I've been trying to tell you the whole time!" she snapped back at him. And apparently that was all it took, because she said the house was peaceful from that moment on, or at least until the couple moved out of it in more recent years.

"She needed Nick to understand what happened," Megan said. Aw, she just needed to be understood. Can't we all relate to that? Well, maybe not the part about being a ghost. Or maybe the ghost watched the documentary and mini-series with the couple, and that's what satisfied her restlessness.

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