Tyler Perry and Whoopi Goldberg Cook Up a Major 'Sister Act 3' Development on 'WWHL'
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Disney has balked at making a proper sequel to the popular franchise from the 1990s, but the studio has talked about rebooting it.

If you ever wanted to see how major Hollywood deals percolate, look no further than Thursday night's "Watch What Happens Live" with Whoopi Goldberg and Tyler Perry.

Fresh off of working together on "Nobody's Fool" with Tiffany Haddish, the pair started concocting a strategy that might see Goldberg return to the world of "Sister Act" for a third act to the iconic film series. And it all happened live on set, with Andy Cohen pushing it along.

Of course, Cohen and Perry are both producers and they know a thing or two about making projects happen, while Whoopi admitted early on that "Sister Act" is the sequel she wants to do. But there is one minor very major problem.

"Disney doesn't want to do it."

Is it because Goldberg doesn't have the star power she used to? The original film was one of the highest-grossing comedies of the 1990s, though the second didn't score nearly as well.

Still, the franchise has aged well with a musical spinoff in recent years, and inclusion in AFI's "100 Years" series. And Goldberg has become more passionate about wanting to return to it in recent years.

Well, a huge step might have just happened, as Perry was absolutely on board the idea, even tossing in the idea of Haddish getting involved. Haddish would honestly be the perfect candidate to carry the torch of Goldberg's Sister Mary Clarence, as she brings a similar street-wise sense of humor to her roles.

Disney has been talking lately about a remake of "Sister Act" rather than a sequel, as Newsweek reports, with Goldberg relegated to a minor cameo role. But Perry wants her for far more than that, and there's no reason it couldn't be a sequel, even if someone else takes a younger lead role.

Later in the "After Show" segment, Cohen just flat-out asked Perry why he doesn't just buy the rights to the film and make the sequel with Goldberg. "That’s exactly what I was thinking," Perry said seriously, and then turning to Goldberg, added, "Together, we’ll go get it."

Goldberg is down and Cohen is down and we are down, too. With a remake in the works, it'll probably be hard to convince the Mouse to give up the franchise, but Tyler Perry has a lot of influence in the industry and a lot of money. And in Hollywood, money talks.

If we start to hear about "Tyler Perry Presents Sister Act 3" in the coming months, we can all say that we were here when this idea first came together. Does that mean we get discount tickets? Or can we go to the premiere?

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