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Life and art came together with a powerful message on Thursday night.

Grey’s Anatomy has finally brought viewers the scene they’ve been waiting for.

In the episode “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave,” Levi Schmitt (played by Jake Borelli) and Nico Kim (played by Alex Landi) shared a kiss after flirting for several weeks. Following the moment, Schmitt admitted it was the first time he’d ever kissed a man.

But the most special moment of the night was made off screen when Borelli came out in real life alongside his character.

“As a gay guy myself, tonight's episode was so special to me. This is exactly the kind of story I craved as a young gay kid growing up in Ohio, and it blows my mind that I'm able to bring life to Dr. Levi Schmitt as he begins to grapple with his own sexuality this season on Grey’s Anatomy,” the actor wrote on Instagram.

“His vulnerability and courage inspire me every day, and I hope he can do the same for you," he continued. "To all of you who feel like little Levi’s out there, know that I do too, that you are seen, and that we're all in this together. And to everyone who has supported me over the years, I can't thank you enough, and I love you more than all the stars...”

Fans praised and thanked him for being true to himself.

"This show and its producers ability to find talented and inspiring actors like yourself in order to tell such powerful and crucial stories is why i fell in love with Grey's so many years ago! I can't wait to see what's in store for your character, who is by far one of my favs this season! P.s., I'm still rooting for you and nico though," commented one fan.

"You are an incredible actor and Schmitt is amazing. Thank you so much for this beautiful character!," wrote another fan.

Jessica Capshaw who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins on the show commented on the picture, saying, “I am deeeeeply and profoundly thrilled to see Dr. Levi Schmitt represent. You are awesome and so talented in every way and I loved working with YOU!!!!”

Others took to twitter to share their thoughts about the long-awaited Grey's moment.

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