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The singer addresses the Internet conspiracy in a brand new interview.

Can the real Avril Lavigne please stand up!

The "Complicated" singer is back with a new single and album on the way, meaning a media blitz after taking time out of the spotlight to battle Lyme disease. In her latest chat with The Kyle & Jackie O Show in Australia, the hosts asked her about one insane Internet rumor that's been gaining traction for years.

Started by a blog in Brazil, one conspiracy theory suggest Lavigne killed herself sometime after 2002, only to replaced by an actress who looks eerily similar to her. Citing minor differences in her appearance and veiled references about the secret in her lyrics, the bizarre rumor says a woman named Melissa Vandella took Avril's place after her death.

Jackie asked Lavigne about the wild tale earlier this week, where she was quick to laugh it off as just a rumor that got out of control.

"Yeah some people think that I'm not the real me which is so weird," she said. "Like why would they even think that? I look the same!" The allegedly real Avril added that the theory was "so f--king dumb," which is exactly what an impostor would say, isn't it?

During the interview, Lavigne also spoke about her battle with Lyme disease and how it affected her new music, including recent single "Head Above Water."

"I took a break, I took a hiatus, I got lyme disease, blah blah blah, it was brutal, but I was able to turn to my music and write about it," she explained. "I'm really glad that this song, 'Head Above Water' ended up being the first single because its such a big part of what I just went through with my life and it's so true that it feels good to perform that song and be honest to myself and my story and what I went through."

She sounded positive on the phone, saying that "went down pretty hard" early in her fight. "I always have to work at being really healthy and keeping a good balance, eating healthy and taking care of myself," she continued. "I was able to make a record, shoot a music video and starting now to perform and promote the song and now I have a life, but I always have to be really healthy and take care of myself."

Lavigne said that releasing new music is "honestly bringing me so much happiness in life."

"Head Above Water" is out now.