Every Hollywood Star Railing on Trump's 'Zero-Tolerance' Immigration Policy

Handler also chimed in to rail Trump's views on the migrant "caravan" coming to the U.S.

Chelsea Handler says she's actually become a "kinder" person since Donald Trump was elected president.

During "Overtime" on "Real Time with Bill Maher " Friday night, the comedian spoke about how having Trump in the White House has positively impacted her.

"I've become such a kinder, nicer person because of Donald Trump being elected and the hate," Handler said. "Like, I'm nice to people I've never noticed before because I'm like, 'Oh my God, this is what happens if you don't pay attention to other people around you.'"

"Get out of your own lane and pay more attention to the people around you," she added. "Because I'm nicer and kinder. I'm doing great."

Maher asked Handler to weigh in on the "right-wing media" using her to "enrage their base." Handler replied that she doesn't "give a shit" about what these people have to say, before talking about some of the hateful things people say about her online.

"I think everybody should put their bad energy out there because that way, it's recorded," Handler told the panel. "Eventually, there'll become a time where we will tamp down on this behavior not through freedom of speech but through some other legislation."

Maher and Handler also teamed up to tackle Trump's ploy to stop a so-called "caravan" of migrants from Central America who are seeking asylum in the United States. Trump claims the immigrants are dangerous criminals who pose a threat to the country.

Maher and Handler pointed out the lies and inconsistencies with Trump's statements.

"He said there are gang members, lepers, people with smallpox, TB...It's this refillable cup of everything bad," Maher said. "He said there’s terrorists in there from the Middle East -- why would you come from the Middle East to come up from Honduras almost 2,000 miles away?"

The late-night host, who referred to Trump as a "racist Paul Revere," added how Fox News reporters are again going along with the president's rhetoric.

"Jeanine Pirro said today, there are pedophiles, career criminals and wife beaters," Maher said. "Who isn't in this caravan?"

"Meanwhile, you just described like the entire White House," Handler joked.

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