'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Bristol's got a stalker on the loose, while Catelynn and Tyler get bad news about Carly.

It was an emotional rollercoaster of an evening on "Teen Mom OG," as the moms traded stories about miscarriage, adoption woes and, yes, even creepy stalkers.

Once again we're breaking down all the baby mama drama by cast member, starting with Bristol Palin.

Bristol Palin

After her nasty split from Dakota Meyer, Bristol found herself moving into her new home this week. While she was happy to get outta her home with Dakota, she started to panic when he called her with some upsetting news.

Apparently, someone had broken into his home in Kentucky and everyone seemed to believe the culprit was a stalker who's been targeting Sarah Palin and her family ever since she ran for vice president.

Bristol explained that the man, Shawn Christy, had been "in and out of jail," but was now "on the run from the law." This worried Palin, who figured the only reason the man broke into Dakota's place was because of her.

"I'm by myself with the kids in a house in Texas, 4,000 miles away from pretty much everyone I know," she explained. "I get maybe 4 hours of sleep as it is, I've had this constant threat for 10 years. Super scary."

She felt a little better after taking some defense classes, but that feeling turned into frustration after Meyer called her again with an update. According to her ex, the U.S. Marshals, FBI and Secret Service were on the lookout for the stalker, something she apologized to Dakota for getting him involved in.

He saw this as a chance to criticize Bristol for not preparing for the worst. "How many times did I sit down with you and say we need to talk about scenarios, Bristol?" he asked her. "How many times and what do you say, 'I just don't want to think about it.'"

"I don't want to think about it, I don't at all," she shot back. "[But] I refuse to sit here and act like I don't do anything about it. Do I want to think about the situations, absolutely not. But do I take the precautions? I do."

The phone froze and then he seemingly ignored her when she tried calling back. Brisol made is clear she was over his "constant talking shit."

FYI: Shawn Christy was arrested after 100 days on the run in September.

Catelynn Lowell

Also feeling frustrated this week were Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who were celebrating the ninth birthday of the daughter they put up for adoption, Carly. The two said it was always a "hard" day, but tried to mark the occasion in a "positive" way.

We saw then get a cake, record daughter Nova singing "Happy Birthday" and send off a message to Carly's parents.

Unfortunately, Carly's parents -- Brandon and Theresa -- weren't too receptive when Catelynn floated the idea of coming to visit later this year. While they have met up with Carly and her family in the past, her mother didn't think now was the right time. "We're working through some things with Carly ... she needs to mature some," Theresa told her.

When Catelynn pressed for more info, she was shut down. "I love you and I don't mean to sound mean, but there's nothing else to tell you," Theresa texted. "We appreciate your concern but there's nothing for you to be worried about."

The two accepted that they don't have much control over the situation, though held hope that their two daughters would be able to connect more in the future. In a sweet moment, their adoption counselor, Dawn, met with them to discuss their frustrations and gifted Catelynn a birthstone for the child she lost to miscarriage.

Amber Portwood

Miscarriage was, sadly, the topic of the hour with Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina, who was recovering from an ectopic pregnancy.

Calling it one of the "hardest things" she'd ever experienced, Kristina explained how she heard the baby's heartbeat, but couldn't do anything to save it.

Returning home from Los Angeles, Amber and Kristina bonded over losing children, as Portwood revealed she had also miscarried a baby when she was with ex Matt Baier. The producers of the show didn't even know, but she explained it happened while they were in Las Vegas, in an episode when Baier punched the walls of their hotel room.

Gary decided to get a vasectomy to make it even less likely for something like this to happen again.

Maci Bookout

Over in Maci Bookout's neck of the woods, Bentley was heading off to his first day of fourth grade. After deciding to put the private school talk on the back burner for now, he went off to school and -- for the first time -- didn't want his mother to walk him into the building.

Maci teared up after dropping him off, coming to the realization that her little boy is growing up.

In other news, her ex, Ryan Edwards, checked into a 90-day rehab facility. As his parents and then-pregnant wife Mackenize talked about the development, they explained that he would also miss the birth of his son.

"He said his kids deserve to have the healthiest dad," she explained. "If he's going to miss him being born but be healthy forever, what more could I ask for."

They hadn't yet told the news to Bentley or Maci.

Cheyenne Floyd

In far a less serious storyline, Cheyenne Floyd began to rekindle her romance with Zach, after the two split when he went off on her in a drunken rant.

He apologized, saying he didn't mean anything in said and admitted "alcohol played a role." She was hesitant to take him back, however, and didn't want him to think that his behavior was in any way acceptable.

Her other ex, Cory Wharton, wasn't exactly thrilled to hear they were speaking again, literally retching when she said they were "being positive" and talking.

He also made it clear he didn't want too many people coming in and out of their daughter Ryder's life, if at all possible.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.