Hollywood Celebrates Historic Victories as Democrats Gain Control of House in Midterm Election
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GOP maintains Senate control, while stars celebrate historic advancements for women including Congress' first Muslims, Native Americans and youngest-ever woman.

Hollywood voted and celebrated the night away as Democrats flipped the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years, with several record-breaking achievements along the way.

While some liberals might feel disillusioned that the GOP actually gained seats in the Senate, there was virtually no chance of a flip there because of the seats that were up for re-election this year. That race will be much more viable in 2020 when Trump himself is up for reelection.

For now, Hollywood and notable Democrats are trying to assure their supporters that winning the House back is a big deal, a monumental victory and something they should be very proud of. Legendary newsman Dan Rather tweeted, "There is maybe a drastic underappreciation of how Democratic control of the House will change the course of this country," calling it "a very big deal."

"There will be accountability," Debra Messing added. This gives Democrats subpoena power and provides real checks and balances on the Trump administration for the first time since his election. The effects of this should begin to be seen almost immediately.

But it's more than just a flipped House that's significant about 2018. More than 100 women were elected into office, including the first Muslim women in Congress, the first Native American women in Congress, the youngest Congresswoman ever, the first openly gay governor and many more progressive pushes.

For the largely Democratic Hollywood, this is a moment to celebrate these historic achievements in representation and a clarion call that there is more to do over the next two years.

Yes!!!! Let the governing begin! #Midterms #Vote 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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