John Stamos' Sexiest Shots

The "Fuller House" shares the awkward story with "Busy Tonight" on Monday, where he also reveals his anti-aging secret.

John Stamos has been making the talk show rounds, but he saved a very special story for Busy Phillips' new show, "Busy Tonight," and she was maybe too eager to say she was excited to hear it.

But as excited as Philipps was to get an exclusive talk-show story from a star like John Stamos, it was nothing compared to how excited Stamos was to finally be able to tell the story. Apparently, he's been wanting to for awhile now, so either he kept forgetting or producers at all of those shows told him there was no way in hell he was telling this story.

Suffice to say the story involves masturbation and "Fuller House" and we already feel incredibly uncomfortable. According to Stamos, it all went down when he and his wife were trying to conceive a child. As part of that medical process, he needed to give a sperm sample.

The fertility clinic offered him a room with a television and said he could use that if he wanted for "stimulation. "I turn the TV on, it's on [Netflix] and it's on 'Fuller House.' My hand to god."

Don't worry, though, Stamos has more stringent expectations than that. "If I’m gonna masturbate to myself it’s gonna be the old self," he joked. "Not the new self."

Later in the show, Philipps asked him how he maintained his youthful appearance after all these years, and he quickly shot back, "I drink the blood of Lori Loughlin," his co-star on both "Full House" and "Fuller House."

He then revealed that he's not expecting it to last much longer. "I’m gonna age now with this baby," he said. "You can color my ass a deep shade of tired. It’s tired that I’ve never felt before."

Stamos' adorable son Billy is now six months old. He made his own talk show debut during Jimmy Kimmel's halloween episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live." You can watch Stamos lament about parental exhaustion in the clip below. And for the record, six months in he still looks great.

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