Teresa Giudice Calls Joe's Deportation 'Heartbreaking,' Reveals Whether Prison Put 'Strain' on Marriage
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The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star explains who in the family is having an especially "hard time" with the news.

When "Real Housewives of New Jersey" returns this week, viewers will see Teresa Giudice struggle with some difficult news: her husband, Joe Giudice, will be deported after his prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Speaking to "Good Morning America" about the ruling on Tuesday morning, the reality star called the decision both "heartbreaking" and "very sad."

"The girls are really upset, it's hard for them," she continued. "Adults can handle anything. It's hard for children to go through this. They're asking themselves why is this happening to me, they want their daddy to come home."

While Teresa said Joe is "being very positive" behind bars, he's not set to get out until March 2019, and will be sent to Italy once his sentence is up.

Joe's wife was asked if she knows why he never applied for citizenship, something she said Michael Strahan would "have to ask his parents" about. "His dad became an American citizen before he was 18, and then his mom did it after he was 18 and then the laws changed," she added, "I don't know why they never made him an American citizen."

When asked whether she was "angry" he never applied himself, she simply said she "never thought I'd be in this position."

"It's very difficult, we've been through a lot," she continued, when Strahan wondered whether prison had put a "strain" on their marriage. "I've gone through ups and downs, being angry, but I have to stay strong. I have four beautiful daughters and they need their mommy."

Giudice explained that the couple's three oldest daughters have a pretty good idea what's going on with their father, but they've been telling 9-year-old Audriana that Joe is simply at work. Of the girls, Teresa said 17-year-old Gia is "like the rock of her sisters," while 12-year-old Milania has been "having a hard time."

Though they're appealing the court's decision to deport Joe, she evaded the question about what she'll do if it does in fact happen. "I'm just taking it one day at a time," she answered.

Lastly, she defended her decision to continue appearing on "RHONJ" while all this is happening in her family. "I've been doing this now almost 10 years. This is how I make a living, I have four daughters to raise," she said, responding to her haters. "I don't understand why people would criticize me for that. I'm doing it all by myself. If I don't work, how are they gonna live?"

"RHONJ" premieres Wednesday, November 7 on Bravo.