Sacha Baron Cohen Trained with FBI to Try to Get O.J. Simpson to Confess to Murder on 'Who Is America'
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British comedian spills behind-the-scenes secrets of that hilarious interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Sacha Baron Cohen gave Jimmy Kimmel a more detailed account of his wild O.J. Simpson interview that aired during the season finale of "Who Is America" earlier this year.

The expert prankster told the ABC late-night host Tuesday night that the entire "secretly filmed" conversation with the ex-convict was conducted in a hotel room in Las Vegas in hopes that O.J. would confess to murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. If you saw the episode, you remember Cohen suited up as faux Italian billionaire Gio Monaldo for the undercover interview that didn't pan out as Cohen had hoped.

"The last time O.J was in a hotel room in Vegas, he ended up in jail," Cohen explained. "So the aim was to-- I was trying to get him to confess to the alleged murders -- which was ambitious!"

Cohen said he trained for the role with one of the top interrogators of the FBI, adding, "not very successfully because I didn't get O.J. to confess."

"I said that I was representing an omani sheikh (ruler of the country of Oman), and the omani sheikh would pay O.J. Simpson to confess to the murders -- pay him $2 million -- because he wanted to kill his own wife," Cohen explained before going into character.

"He absolutely loves you. He wanted to kill his own wife. You are the greatest wife killer," Cohen said in a heavy Italian accent, adding that Simpson's response was always, "No, no, I didn't kill my wife."

Cohen said his response as the Italian billionaire was, "I didn't kill my wife, either. She just got so depressed, she put herself in a body bag, she filled it with rocks and she pushed herself over the yacht. That's right."

He told Kimmel Simpson simply "laughed and laughed."

"And so I said, 'This sheikh wants to make love with a hooker while you are in the room telling him how you did it,'" Cohen recalled telling Simpson.

Unfortunately for Cohen, Simpson replied, "I have no problem being in the room with the sheikh while he's making love with a hooker, but I didn't do it."

Having already watched the episode, Kimmel noted that Simpson seemed "very jolly through the whole interview."

"Well, they often are -- if you get rid of the ex-wife," Cohen quipped.

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