Spice Girls Spill on Posh Skipping Reunion ... and Who Once Puked In Mel B's Mouth!
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The four remaining Spice Girls give some TMI in first interview since announcing their reunion tour.

Girl Power took over the airwaves in the UK on Wednesday, as the Spice Girls reunited for their first interview since confirming they're hitting the road again ... without Victoria Beckham.

Mel B, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton were all guests on Heart radio today, where they were asked all about Posh skipping the tour, new music and to reveal the real reason they decided to get the band back together.

Sporty Spice was the first to admit she didn't think the tour would ever happen, adding that there "were times I wasn't sure about doing it" either. While she's "very excited" now, it sounded like she and the other "girls" respect Beckham's decision to sit this one out.

"She's a huge part of the band, she still is. As Geri always says, there were times -- as I mentioned earlier -- I wasn't sure and we really support each other and the decisions we make and we really support her and she's really supporting us," Mel C continued. "I think that's a big part of our ethos."

After Mel B joked that Posh would join them at Wembley Stadium, Sporty added that it's "gonna be strange, because none of us can watch the Spice Girls on stage, but she will be able to."

Scary Spice was clearly in a mood to joke around during the interview, getting all our hopes up by saying they're recording new music and will return to the studio "next week" to work on an album.

"She's fibbing," Mel C clarified. "Obviously, we're going to play all of our hits. We have some really interesting, creative ideas. We want our fans from back in the day to enjoy it, we want new fans that we get introduced to all the time ... it'd be lovely for those people to see us on stage."

The women said the plan for the reunion tour is just six dates for now, but added they're going to "take things slowly, see if Mel B behaves herself" and go from there. They better add some U.S. dates, right?

They also said they had no plans to perform at Glastonbury festival, but Mel B added that "we should though."

The quartet later played a game to prove how well they really know each other, answering some TMI questions to the best of their ability.

The first Q: Which Spice Girl was once sick in Mel B's mouth? Gross!

Baby Spice copped to that one, explaining, "We were in America, we had gone out for some drinks and we were on our way home in the car and I did feel very ill because I'd eaten something weird and had a few drinks and I was sick out the window and it flew back."

"Into my mouth," added Brown.

"Because she was still talking," joked Bunton. "If she had kept her mouth shut for 5 minutes, it wouldn't have flown in!"

Other things we learned during the game: Scary Spice wanted the reunion to happen most, Geri once had someone walk in on her while she was eating McDonald's topless and wears the biggest bras. "I know, boulder holders," she joked, "I'm Granny Spice!"

The women were also asked who "needs the money most," with Scary quick to joke, "Me, because I'm divorced!"

The singer, who went through a messy split from Stephen Belafonte this year, later added, "I actually don't need the money, I'm actually quite rich. I'm just doing it because I love you ladies. It would have really bothered me if I didn't say that."

Tickets for the tour go on sale Saturday. The UK tour kicks off June 1, 2019.

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