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Tina Fey executive produces Busy Philipps' new talk show "Busy Tonight," so she dropped by to demonstrate her tips on being an effective and terrifying boss.

Tina Fey is easily one of the most boss people in Hollywood, so who better to impart some wisdom to one of the newest bosses on the block, Busy Philipps?

The "30 Rock" and "Saturday Night Live" star was the boss on both of those shows, is currently the executive producer on Philipps' new talk show, and even wrote a book about being a "Bossypants," so she definitely knows what she's talking about.

She broke it down into five easy steps for the new "Busy Tonight" boss to use. And in order to drill her points home, she and Philipps walked around the set of "Busy Tonight" and put these tools to hilarious practice. Watch and learn, people. Watch and learn.

Power Moves

It's all about constantly reminding your underlings just who is in charge around here. Bellowing out orders and storming around and breaking things certainly gets their attention, but it's in the quiet moments that you can have the deepest impact. Fey proved this by putting a single piece of candy in a bowl and then offering it to the staff. What do you do in this moment? Who wants to be the one person to take that last piece. Nobody. Now that's boss!

Name Dropping

Now this one should seem pretty obvious in Hollywood where name-dropping is how people say hello, but it's also a way to remind your underlings that you hang out in a more elite, more impressive and all-around cooler crowd than they do. Who'd you hang out with today? Your buddy, Doofus? Oh, that's cool. I'll be sure and tell Oprah about it next time we chat.

Saying No

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any new boss is saying "no" to an employee. Nobody wants to come across as unlikable or unreasonable, but according to Fey it can all be achieved with non-verbal techniques. And believe us when we tell you it absolutely works. When one of Philipps' writers interrupted the women chatting to ask for some time off, Fey shut that down in a definitive way and we could not stop laughing.

And More...

In fact, the rest of the five techniques are far better watched than read, so we're going to leave it to you to tap that video and see if you can avoid laughing. And for the record, we're not sure if we'd love working for Tina Fey or if it would be absolutely terrifying, but we're down to give it a try.

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