'Flipping Out' Star Jeff Lewis Fires Back at Jenni Pulos: 'I Would Never Make Something Like This Up'
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Pulos just broke her silence about the details surrounding her "Flipping Out" exit, but Lewis says she's lying.

Jeff Lewis is not backing down.

On Thursday's Sirius XM Podcast, "Jeff Lewis Live," the "Flipping Out" star addressed Jenni Pulos' response to her exit from both the series and his company.

Lewis accused his former friend and business partner of lying about the circumstances surrounding her May 2017 departure and doubled down on his claims that she reported him to Bravo execs for "abuse and victimization" as well as "wrongful termination." Lewis also reiterated that their relationship was faked for the show, even though Pulos told PEOPLE on Thursday that it was an authentic partnership.

"It's semantics at this point," Lewis said of whether Pulos had actually reported him to network higher-ups. "She mentioned in the article that she never made a formal complaint ... Maybe you didn't walk into HR with your attorney, but you made accusations. And those accusations had to have been investigated."

Lewis said a Bravo executive went to dinner with him, then went to dinner with Pulos. "My showrunner was on the phone for four hours talking to multiple executives going frame by frame to make sure there was no abuse that was being alleged."

"I would never make something like this up because it is damaging to my reputation and my career," he added. "So that is not something I would ever make up."

Lewis went on to question why Pulos had not come to him directly and said the whole situation had left him in "a lot of pain."

"I'm hurt, I'm upset, I'm angry, I'm everything," he said. "I'm going through every bit of emotion ... I'm devastated."

Pulos broke her silence on the feud on Thursday, telling PEOPLE, "Citing wrongful termination claim, wrong. Citing abuse claim, wrong. Citing victimization claim, wrong." As for her relationship with Lewis on the show, "it was very real," she said. "I was his employee, and I worked for him. It was very authentic, and that's important."

Following the argument, Pulos claims Lewis "decided he was going to terminate" her, but floated the idea of having her appear on the show in a supporting "friend" role, a proposal she denied. "I was not going to fake a friendship," she said.

"After the final disagreement, I decided I was not going to continue a friendship with someone who thought of me the way he did," said Pulos, who still remains an executive producer of the show. Lewis previously said his contract with Bravo had not been renewed but later clarified that the show had not been canceled. There's still no word on Season 12.

On his Sept. 7 Sirius XM podcast, Lewis said he and Pulos had had a "fight" that resulted in a "rift." According to Lewis, it was unlike any other fight the two had had in the 11 years they worked together. Lewis said he was then "reported for wrongfully terminating her," "reported for abuse and victimization" and said "there were also allegations of a hostile work environment." In addition, Lewis claimed that Pulos hadn't worked for him for "years" and that their working relationship had been faked for the show.

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