Sarah Jessica Parker Is So Down with 'WWHL' Caller's 'Really Good' Idea for 'Sex and the City 3'
"Sex and the City" Cast -- Then & Now

The actress also explains why she couldn't be friends with Carrie Bradshaw IRL.

Sarah Jessica Parker says she'd be down for a live-reading of the "Sex and the City 3" script if the film never comes to fruition.

While appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday night, Parker was introduced to the idea by a fan who called into the show. The actress was intrigued by the viewer's creativity and brainstormed that a live reading could possibly work as a "post-show treat" for host Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper's comedy show "AC2."

"Oh my god, what a clever idea! Maybe as a benefit," Parker said. "That's a really good idea... I'd have to speak to [producer] Michael Patrick King about that, but that's a really nice idea. That's a very interesting, thought-provoking, up all night idea."

"And I could play Samantha," Cohen added.

If you recall, the third installment of the "Sex and the City" films came to a screeching halt when Kim Cattrall said she didn't want to reprise her character as Samantha Jones in the franchise.

Another caller asked Parker if she'd ever be friends with her character Carrie Bradshaw, who she played through the show's six seasons and two films.

"Oh, I don't know if she'd be friends with me!" Parker said. "But sure, she'd be someone I'd be circling around hoping -- that girl in the lunch room -- maybe over time like if I wore her down somehow."

Parker also spoke about how "proud" she is of her "SATC" co-star Cynthia Nixon running for governor of New York.

"I'll let everybody talk about the pride they felt in her run and the way she conducted herself and how hard she worked and how important a lot of what she said was to the conversation," she said. "I think she was really, really good for our state. She talked about a lot of issues that are really important and they have been integrated and included in larger conversation that our governor is having."

Although Nixon lost in the primaries to the incumbent Andrew Cuomo, Parker said that she thinks that Nixon will always be involved in politics.

"I think she'll always be active," Parker said. "I think she'll always participate. She grew up as somebody who was part of [it]. I think being involved [will] always [be] really important to her and I don't see why that would [change]."

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