Inside Mandy Moore's Stunning New Home

The actress was tortured yet again by the entertaining Hasbro game and struggled to get out the indecipherable phrases.

Mandy Moore played another hilarious game of "Speak Out" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" -- and it was just as funny as the first time.

While appearing on the daytime talk show Monday, the "This Is Us" star was tasked with the Hasbro game yet again, where the player has to attempt to speak different phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that prevents them from closing their mouth.

Moore attempted to recite indecipherable sentences, such as "clucking and bucking with the hens," "flick the lamp switch" and "pancakes on popsicle sticks." That last one had Ellen wondering if the phrase ended with "on top of the sex" instead of "popsickle sticks."

The ultimate challenge and this game's version of "the donkey bucked my mom" was the saying "franks and beans and fiery folks."

Moore particularly struggled to get out "fiery folks" as the second word sounded quite similar to "f--ks."

"That last part is a little tricky," Ellen joked.

Ellen continued to give the actress a hard time, guessing "fire fox" and "driving trucks."

"I swear I am not making this up!" Moore said.

Watch the hilarious game in the clip below.

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