'A Star Is Born' Cinematographer Arrested and Charged After Fighting Paramedics in Poland
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And then he allegedly fought the cops when they were called.

"A Star Is Born" cinematographer Matthew Libatique will have a crazy story to tell when he gets back to America.

The director of photography for the critically acclaimed movie, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, was charged with assault in Warsaw, Poland, on Wednesday after allegedly attacking and injuring first responders while he was drunk on Tuesday. The Associated Press reported the scuffle with paramedics and police went down in the city of Bydgoszcz, where Libatique was attending the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography EnergaCAMERIMAGE as an honorary guest.

"The patient suddenly became aggressive toward medical rescuers, used offensive words and hit the head of the emergency medical team," said emergency official Krzysztof Wisniewski while speaking to Polish broadcaster TVN24.

Wisniewski said a paramedic lost a tooth in the incident, and city police spokeswoman Monika Chlebicz said Libatique appeared very intoxicated, sustained facial injuries, and was taken to the hospital.

Chlebicz said that if found guilty, the filmmaker faces up to three years in prison under Polish law.

Libatique, 50, won an Oscar in 2010 for his work on Natalie Portman's ballet thriller "Black Swan."

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